Wednesday, April 25, 2012

List this

We have compiled a list of all the tasks we are setting out to accomplish.  Everything on this list, other than installing countertops, will be done by us. That is our potentially overconfident plan, at least.  If some sort of disaster were to occur we could always contact a professional.  The only task we have ever really done before is painting the walls, and the rest we plan to figure out along the way. 

1.  Paint the window and door trim and baseboards white
2.  Remove the “garage door” on the bottom of the cabinet to the left of the sink.
3.  Remove the wood piece above the window connecting the top cabinets
4.  Paint the cabinets white
5.  Build a pantry where the useless desk resides
6.  Spray paint or replace the gold cabinet door hinges with nickel hinges
7.  Replace the light above the sink
8.  Get new countertops
9.  Replace the hideous linoleum
10.  Refinish the stairs to match the new floor
11.  Refinish the railing with darker stain to match the floor and paint the spindles white
12.  Add trim around the base of the cabinets instead of quarter round
13.  Paint all the walls
14.  Make new curtains for the sliding glass door
15.  Paint the existing or buy new stools that actually fit the peninsula
16.  Install a backsplash
17.  Install board and batten on stairs
18.  Buy a stainless stove to match the other appliances
19.  Remove the hazardous windows in the dining area that open into the downstairs
20.  Buy an appropriately sized rug for the entryway
21.  Buy a waterproof rug for the entryway closest to protect the laminate against Minnesota winter
22.  Create some sort of wall decor in the dining room
23.  Get new decor for the closet plateau

Questionable to dos:  
24.  Bring in some sort of seating in the entryway for the guests to sit on for shoe doings
25.  Get new light fixtures for above the table and in the entryway

Our overall goal is to lighten this beast up, and ground it with a new darker floor.  We also want to add more cohesive and functional decor.  Here is a kitchen I used as inspiration:

 [found here]

We don't have a super tight timeline or goal for finishing this project.  We will work as much as possible, but not to the point where we want to die since we would both like this to be a somewhat enjoyable experience.   Both Titus and I are programmers all day so there aren't boatloads of time to work on projects each night after work.  Best case scenario we get it done in one month, but I am thinking it will be more like 1.5 to 2 months to completion.

As for the budget... Titus and I are debt free believers.  Therefore, this project is sponsored by our very own savings account.  Our goal is to spend less than $7,000.   We think this is totally doable since we will be doing all the work ourselves.

I'm quite certain we will need your prayers.  Ready, set, go!

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