Monday, April 30, 2012

Now where will I surf the internet?

You may remember this space thieving desk awkwardly placed in the corner of our kitchen.  I can just picture the builder thinking to himself, "Yep, this is exactly where I would surf the internet."  What a mind reader..

Our kitchen doesn't actually have very much storage, so we saw pantry potential in this obnoxious waste of space.  The plan is to first remove the cabinet from the wall and relocate it to the garage for Titus to store his man things.  Then, Titus will extend a wall from the edge of the drywall on the right to the pink wall.  On the new wall, there will be a nice six panel door which will open wide to a logically placed pantry complete with spacious white shelves.  We will keep the counter desk and drawers and use them for the toaster and other small appliances so they don't have to sit visibly on the counter.  I planned to do virtually nothing to complete this process.  

With a small amount of help from me, Titus removed the upper cabinet from the wall and we brought it out to the garage.  Then, Titus removed the linoleum from this section of the floor since we would be removing the rest later for new floor and this would allow the new wall to sit on the subfloor.  He then framed a wall with 2x4s all the way up to the ceiling.  Sorry no pictures, but I'm sure everyone has seen a framed wall.  

After that, Titus taped and mudded the new wall.  Since the ceiling is vaulted around the pantry, he actually had do fill a fairly large gap at the ceiling with mud which looked very difficult.  I continued to not help.  Taping and mudding is a very difficult process which most people like to leave to professionals.  Titus has a few past experiences with this so we were confident in his skills.  

After three coats of mud we were ready to go buy a prehung door at Home Depot.  Once we got that beast home we discovered it was too small to allow the desk drawers to open so we went back and bought a wider door. 

Titus then sawed down the frame of the door to the height it would need to be to allow the door to swing over our future flooring.  Now that the door was ready for installation, Titus used shims between the frame of the door and the newly made wall 2x4s so the door would hang level.  It is important for the door to hang level otherwise it will swing open or closed on its own.  Then, Titus had me hold the door in place so he could screw the frame of the door to the wall through the shims.  This is the only part I helped with, so I made sure to complain.  After each shim location had been screwed securely into the wall frame he busted off the extra part of each shim and the door was finished being hung.  Here is what the shims look like: 

Below is the beautiful new door after the mud was primed.  You need to prime over the mud to seal it for painting.  After priming the mud Titus painted the inside of the pantry Behr Ultra Pure white left over from our bathroom cabinet painting experiment. 

You will notice cabinet painting prep has also started...

The outside walls were painted Silver Sateen to match the entryway and dining room.  Unfortunately the pink wall was also covered in Silver Sateen.  I am still mourning the loss.

The true test of mudding success is after the wall has been painted.  This is when any small mistakes or uneven surfaces would become glaringly obvious.  Lucky for me Titus rules, and the wall looks perfect!  Plus look at Titus' amazing mud job on the difficult angled ceiling line.  What a pro!

To complete the pantry, we bought melamine shelves at Menards and used 2" MDF boards left over from a past board and batten project for shelf supports.  Titus made sure to screw the MDF shelf supports into studs so the shelves could hold thousands of pounds of food.   

Then, we filled the shelves with our health food.  I  used old coke boxes from Titus' mom to group corresponding foods together.  The top box stores flour mixes like pancakes, and all the syrups and oils.  The bottom box stores our jars, sauces, and weird oils like grape seed oil. 

It is extremely nice to be able to slide out a whole box to find the weird oils, instead of move a bunch of glass bottles around trying to find what we are looking for.

Another awesome feature of the pantry is the ugly desk we left up which stores our toaster and electric tea pot.  We plan to use this counter space for all our small appliances, such as our blender and juicer.  Currently we have our knives and Jacque's belongings on it for easy access as well.

You'll notice that Titus altered the left drawer to work with the newly added wall and door.  He cut the drawer to be smaller and filled the old frame space with some wood.  The drawer basically looks like it was cut in half and put back together:

The door is currently removed from the frame since it still needs to be painted white.  We also need to add the trim to the outside of the door.  Until then, we have a super functional and logically placed pantry.


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  1. I like the pantry. Your idea of putting things into baskets is cool. Titus' work looks great. He does rule!! I'm eager to see it all.