Monday, April 23, 2012

A house is brewing.

Why the blog name “The House Brewery”?  You may assume we like to dabble in beer brewing, or possibly have an overwhelming love for coffee.  Seems logical, however, those who know us are aware that neither Titus nor I make it a habit to consume either of those popular beverages.  What it really comes down to is that our last name is Brue.  It would have been nice to call it “The House Bruery”, but that is just plain hard to remember, not to mention my intolerable hatred for intentionally misspelled words.  So, “The House Brewery” it is.
Our DIY chronicle thus begins.  The adventures will mostly consist of small updates to our standard builder grade house circa 2002.  These adventures will consist of activities such as painting, light fixture changing, small furniture builds, and d├ęcor updates for example.  We are by no means trained professionals in anything that we do.  We like the thrill of figuring out how to do thing ourselves, mostly through some google searches and simple logic.
Our first brewing adventure will be our entryway/kitchen/dining room.  You may wonder why I felt that it was appropriate to slash all those rooms together.  Our house is a modified split level, so the floor that you walk into is an open space consisting of those three rooms.  Therefore, their design will be one cohesive element in our house.

We invite you to follow along on our home brewing journey!

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