Thursday, April 26, 2012

You can remove your sunglasses

The least attractive part of our room trio is arguably the fluorescent yellow walls, which I embarrassingly painted myself.  The current wall color is Quiet Veranda by Behr from Home Depot.

See, it doesn't look neon on your computer screen, so I swear I wasn't completely out of my mind.  From this neon tragedy I learned that it is necessary, at minimum, to look at the paint swatch in the lighting of the room it will be in, but preferably buy a sample and test it out for a few days on your wall.  I guess now I know... and as Titus and G.I. Joe would say, "Knowing is half the battle."

Now, for the other half of the battle... actually picking an appropriate color.  For two eye burning years, I thought about what color would be best in the trio.  Neutral seemed like a good choice, however, I have learned that I'm not a fan of anything in the beige/brown/yellow family, so those were out.  That is when I discovered the beauty that is gray.  After a disastrous round of painting my bathroom gray, I found that gray is one of those colors that looks different in every room.  It might look gray in Home Depot, but in your bathroom it is bright blue.  Keeping that in mind, I spent an hour in the Home Depot paint department and picked out two grays.  The first one I loved the very most was Ashes by Behr:

I had seen it in a million blogger's rooms and it was the most dreamy gray of all time.  I forced myself to buy the tiny sample instead of 18 gallons like I wanted.  Then I thought I should diversify and buy one more sample gray just to satisfy G.I. Joe..  I went for a lighter still lovely shade of gray called Silver Sateen by Behr:

I painted both samples on our dining room wall behind the spot our clock hangs in case we ever wanted to cover the samples up.  After a couple weeks of incubation under the amber shades of our dining room table chandelier, I made the unexpected decision to go with Silver Sateen.  Ashes was pretty much amazing, however, it was just too dark for our already dark house.  The Silver Sateen even bordered on darker than I was going for, but by this point my patience were completely depleted.

We sprinted to Home Depot to find out that Silver Sateen is actually only available in Behr Ultra which is their more expensive "Paint Plus Primer" variety.  I'm not a huge Behr Ultra fan, primarily due to the fact that, in my experience, it does not have superior coverage compared to their less expensive Behr Premium paint.  My favorite paint man said the color just wouldn't be the same if we went with the Premium since the base of the paint is different, so we splurged the extra three dollars and went with Behr Ultra in Silver Sateen.

Now that I had two fat gallons of luxury paint in hand, I was finally able to start painting the trio.  When painting, I first cut in along the ceiling line with an angle brush.  Cutting in is prissy painter's term for using a paint brush to paint along the edge of the ceiling.  I used to make fun of Titus for calling it "cutting in," but apparently people actually say that.  For this step I use my lovely 1.5" Purdy angled brush.  I then paint around the doors, windows, and baseboards with the same angle brush.  I don't ever use painters tape for painting because it actually peels your paint off the wall when you remove it, which is incredibly depressing.  Trust me, to paint a good line buy a good angle brush and use your coordination.

Next, I roll the rest of the wall with a Purdy roller.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to buy the more expensive rollers.  The previous owners of our house used the cheap rollers, and every time I paint I have to sand little pieces of cheap lint off my wall that their cheapskate rollers left.

During this round of painting, I chose to only paint the entryway and dining room, since the kitchen will be getting destroyed soon.  These two rooms with their tall walls took about 3 hours to complete.

Jacque would like to reveal our lovely new Silver Sateen which is now painted above our neon eye sore.  The Silver Sateen is only painted part way down that wall due to the future installation of board and batten where the yellow is still screaming.  Plus, it is a small reminder every day of how much more awesome our new Silver Sateen is.  Side note:  this is where Jacque spends 88% of his time... staring at the door into the garage waiting to play frisbee.
Here is how the Silver Sateen looks next to our weird carpet roll that runs along the railing of our living room.   As you can see, in some light it almost looks blue, but I like blue so I'm good with that.

We expect it to look even more amazing once the trim is painted white.  Until then, we are just happy our eyes are starting to heal. Since everyone loves a nice before and after here you go:  (We would show you a wider picture, but that would spoil tomorrow's surprise)

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