Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You'll burn your eyes out.

Presenting to the world:  Our entryway/kitchen/dining room.

As noted before, I am able to slash all those rooms together due to our house layout.  Our home is a modified split level, which means you walk in to a middle floor which includes our entryway, kitchen and dining area.  Half a flight up stairs is our living room which overlooks the three slashed rooms.  Half a flight down stairs is our... well, downstairs.

With no further ado...

Exhibit A:  Our entryway as seen from the living room.  On the left is our entryway closest, complete with its very own ceiling plateau.  I know what you're thinking,  where else would we put that giant picture of Jacque and his nemesis,  the pheasant?  Honey oak trim, of course... because wood should be orange?   And the paint... oh the paint.  I wish so badly I could attribute this eye piercing color to the previous owner, but that would be denial.  This yellow color read more like a cream color in our bedroom, however, with the amber shades on this light fixture the color is full out neon yellow.
The entryway as seen by the kitchen.  Here is a section of our massive honey oak railing.  The stairs up to the living room are oak.  Honey oak.  I love that they are not carpet because this is where Jacque sits and sheds waiting for us to let him outside to play.

Exhibit B:  The dining area.  Located directly behind me as I take the above picture. Not a terribly large space, but it fits our table nicely. The sliding glass doors go to our deck.  That green sphere you see is left over decor from a bridal shower I had at my house a mere nine months ago, so you can understand why it's still up.

To the left of our table is a set of obnoxiously building code breaking windows that creepily look into our downstairs family room.  The windows open into the downstairs, therefore small children are not safe in our home.  Pretty cute plant in the corner, huh?  Hasn't been watered in years.

Exhibit C:  The kitchen:  Located to the left of the entryway.  I LOVE that pink wall, especially for my bachelorette pad days.  I swear the picture simply doesn't do its brilliance justice.  Too bad it clashes with the orange builder grade cabinets.  Notice the sweet spotlight above the sink hidden behind the curvy cabinet connector wood.    Also note the far left cabinet has what Titus calls a "garage door" on the bottom.  It opens up like a mini orange toaster garage.  Oh and the countertops... powder blue with a honey oak trim.  The sink is white ceramic.  And by "white" I mean perennially stained orange/red from the rust in our water.  I'm not 100% sure what I was thinking with the top cabinet decor.  And, don't mind our one white appliance.  That oven is my hero.  It's a double convection oven which is a cake baker's dream.  I refused to replace it until we could buy its equivalent steel twin, so I guess the ugliness is somewhat self inflicted.
A view from the fridge... The living room that overlooks our room trio is surrounded by a honey oak railing which connects to the railing up the entryway stairs.
To the left of the island in the picture above is the wall opposite the fridge, sink, and oven.  It was hard to lean back enough to get a wide enough angle for this picture... On the left is a useless, space thieving desk accompanied by a pantry type set of cabinets built straight into the wall on the right
 There you have it.  All in all these rooms are not completely terrible, just not our style.  I tend to be drawn to bright and airy rooms.  Since the window on the pink wall in the kitchen is our only south facing window we don't get much direct sunlight into the house.  Therefore, one of our goals is to lighten this beast up.  Next up... our to do list.  Then the fun begins!

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