Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Base booster

When Titus tore out the linoleum he also had the pleasure of first removing the baseboards.  Since we planned to reuse our our existing baseboards by simply painting them white, he actually labeled their location on the back as he removed them.  Then, he threw them in a giant pile in the garage to collect paint dust while he installed the gorgeous new floors.

Now that the walls have been painted, the cabinets are painted, and the floors have been installed we are ready to toss these baseboards back up.  First we will be painting them Behr Swiss Coffee to match the cabinets and the rest of the upstairs trim.

While preparing my paint for spraying, Titus laid the trusty paint plastic we used for spraying the cabinet doors all over our garage floor.  This time he taped down the edges so they wouldn't flap in the wind and stick to the fresh paint.

I then spread the baseboards out on the plastic.  Since the tops needed to be painted as well as the front facing portion, I just wedged a piece of scrap wood under the baseboards to hold them up at an angle, so the edges wouldn't stick to the plastic.

Then I put on my mask, safety glasses, shoe socks, and painting clothes just like I did here.  I first used my paint sprayer to spray on a coat of my favorite Benjamin Moore's Fresh Start primer and let it dry for an hour or so before spraying on a second coat.

After two coats of primer no more orange wood was showing through so they were ready for a couple coats of paint.  To paint the baseboards I used my paint sprayer with Behr Ultra paint.  In case your memory fails you or you boycotted my paint post, Behr Ultra is Behr's paint plus primer edition that I just so happen to dislike.  Since it is a paint plus primer it is fairly thick which my paint sprayer doesn't appreciate.  Therefore, I actually diluted the paint as directed by the back of the can.

Since the Behr Ultra I was using is a latex paint, I was able to just use water to dilute the paint.  I used something like one tablespoon for every two cups of paint or something tiny like that.  If you have oil based paint or primer you dilute it with something else less clean than water, but you'll have to check the back of the can for direction.

The diluted Behr Ultra worked decent enough to spray the entire baseboards, but I did have to wipe dried paint strings out of the nozzle of the spray gun a few times.  It wasn't too bad, but if you are planning on doing mass spraying with Behr Ultra it might end up fully clogging this type of spray gun.

For us, it got the job done and Titus was able to use his trusty new nail gun to throw those beasts back up. 

Don't worry that rug is just there to protect our already damaged floor from the huge compressor reaping more destruction.  And those little masking tape tabs on the floor are what Titus used to mark the stud locations so he knew where to shoot the nails.  How smart of him.

There were actually several locations that Titus put caulking between the edge of the floor and the wall in an attempt to prevent water damage.  He caulked around the refrigerator and stove cubbies (as seen here), in front of the sink's cabinet, along the sliding glass door, and along the front and garage doors.  I think he also caulked around the entryway closet, as well.  In these areas he just put the baseboards on top of the caulk which become completely hidden from view by the baseboards.

There are still little nail holes all over the baseboards that need to be filled and repainted, but now that we need to replace the floor due to the bad-at-life countertop installers, that would be pointless.  Therefore your after will be shown from a distance.

Hidden surprise:  the last post actually had the baseboards up in its after.  How anticlimactic for you.


  1. Looking good... Sounds like you will have to remove them in order to reinstall the new flooring. What a bummer!!! Do you know when the floor will get redone?

    1. Not yet. They are trying to figure it out with their floor installer guy I guess. Hopefully soon. It is getting annoying