Friday, May 4, 2012

The Plateau Show

In our entryway, you may remember the weird closet plateau which held a giant picture of my best friend, Jacque, and his pheasant. 

Decorating this huge open weirdness has been a problem since I moved in.  My mom gifted me with the giant pheasant as a housewarming gift shortly after I closed on the house, and it has been living there ever since.  I also got that giant picture of Jacque printed just for this location.  I'm fairly certain most people think it is weird to have a giant picture of my dog, but I just love him so much.

Since neither Titus nor I are avid hunters, the pheasant is a little off target for us now.  So, the plan is to relocate the pheasant with some large scale decor and keep the huge picture of Jacque that I love.  The plateau is oddly large to decorate, so anything that goes on the plateau has to be fairly large in scale.

I searched online for several months and finally came across these two beauties at Amazon (found here and here):

They are tall, 11.8" and 15", and are in the color scheme we are looking to use to decorate the trio  They are made of clay and are technically lanterns, but obviously they won't be housing any candles since getting up to the plateau is not super easy.

So I threw these beauties into my shopping cart and booked my free two day Amazon Prime shipping.  After two patient days, I have my lanterns.

They are just as great as I thought they would be.  The colors are nice and bright.  Their scale is great for the picture of little J and they are the greatest colors.

I love them.  I also tried to make the size of the space look smaller by moving the picture of Jaque closer to the front of the plateau and hiding a bunch of space behind the picture as I could.  It seems to have worked fairly well.

Now onto more decor shopping.  When combining our future laminate floor with the Minnesota winter, we will be needing a new rug at our entryway to protect the laminate from being damaged by melting snow.

The railing of the stairs is only 3'9" away from the front door, so our rug can be no wider than that.  Our current rug is 3' x 5' and seems really small for the entrance.  After searching for new rugs I found the best news ever:  some companies actually make 3'6 x 5'6 rugs! 

My other requirements are that the rug be made from a natural fiber like wool, jute, seagrass, etc., and that it be somewhat able to hid Jacque's fir and dirt.  After searching the internet with these criteria for weeks, I have narrowed down my favorites: 

I love this gray modern wool rug from here.  It would hide dirt and Jacque's fir fairly well and be soft to walk on.  This rug has the possibility of going out of style quickly since it is more of a trend.

I also love this green modern wool rug here.  The color would go great with our future color scheme, and I am a sucker for bright colors.  However, it would show Jacque's black fir terribly and possibly get dirty easily in an entryway. Of course it shares the same risk as the above rug in going out of style quickly.

I also love this green jute rug found here.  It still has a green tint to it, but it would probably hide dirt and Jacque's fir better than the above green rug.  However, word on the street is that jute rugs tend to be hard to clean if they do get a stain and can be rough to walk on.
The last rug I found was a natural colored jute rug from here.  This would also hold dirt well and would match with any color scheme we decided to change to in the future.  It is still hard to clean, but is fairly inexpensive, so if it got destroyed we could always buy a replacement. 

I still have no idea which rug we should go with.  Any opinions from our many readers?

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  1. Hi Ash,
    I like your new plateau decor. I even like the colors!!!! Imagine that... And you thought I only like beige. I do like color in accent pieces. You wanted rug opinions... well, I would buy a rug that can be washed in the washer. Which would eliminate all of your choices so far... However, I like the green colored one, except it's wool and can't be washed.
    Did you sell the pheasant on Craig's list?