Monday, May 14, 2012

High frequency light waves

You may remember the attractive spotlight above the sink that faced directly toward the wall.  It was an 80s style track light made semi flush mount.  Not cute. 

I had always wanted to replace it with a hanging pendant, but the weird cabinet connector wood prevented that from happening.  Now that the cabinet connector wood had been removed, there was a beautiful opportunity for 21st century hanging pendant.

After searching for the perfect light for three short years, I narrowed the search to my three favorite lights and left the choice to Titus.  The first option was from Home Depot:

We liked the clear seeded glass shade and the price tag.  However, considering our white cabinets and the future light counterops, we thought it might be nice to add some color.  Enter option 2 from Shades of Light:

This light was wonderfully blue and therefore went with our desired color scheme.  However, I worried it might go out of style or look somewhat childish.  Don't ask me why.

The last option I gave Titus was my favorite.  This beauty comes from Pottery Barn:

Seriously, raise your hand if you don't think this is the most attractive light you have ever seen on your computer screen.

Titus picked number two.  Probably because his concern over our white kitchen far surpassed mine, and he took any opportunity he had to suggest color.  I was ever so slightly sad about our differing favorites, but I loved all three of the options I gave him so I bought option 2 straight away.

It took forever to ship, but when I finally got my paws on that thing I found out just how brilliant Titus is.  This light rules.  It actually looks brighter blue in real life, which I was hoping against.  However, the brighter blue actually rules.

Here she is with all her pride and glory.  She emits a beautifully blue seeded light onto the ceiling at night and it is glorious.  And look we actually have dishes in our cabinets again!  How convenient!

Maybe just maybe someday soon we will have hinges for our doors!

Side note:  the white incandescent bulb was all I had at the time, but it has since been replaced by a type A (much like myself) clear bulb which looks much better.

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  1. Nice light. I'll bet it goes nicely with the gray walls. I, however, would probably have chosen the one you loved the most.