Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh Sandy

You may remember this picture from the pantry post.

Or this picture from yesterday's amputation post.

As you can see, cabinet painting prep is in full force.  The cabinets have been emptied of all contents.  Therefore, the kitchen has been deemed nearly entirely useless, and our nutritional health has instantly deteriorated to fast food.  Emptying the cabinets took about an hour, 6 large tubs, and an unused room to hold the newly created disaster.

After the cabinets were completely cleared of their contents, I removed their doors.  Then, Titus removed the quarter round from the bottom of the cabinets while I filled some random holes with wood filler.  For filling holes, I always use Elmers wood filler which I get at Home Depot.  I apply it to the hole with a spackling knife.  After about an hour the filler will be dry and ready for sanding

This concludes our sanding prep work.  Time to actually sand the cabinets.  I did all of the cabinet sanding with our Ryobi orbital sander.  The only part of the cabinet frames I sanded was the outside facing parts.  I planned to prime and paint the entire insides of the cabinets, but they were already fairly rough on the inside and I hate sanding. 

When sanding with the intention to paint, you really only need to remove the shiny layer.  However, because wood obviously has a grain, it has a lot of grooves which will cause the paint to dry at different levels.  Because of this, I sanded the larger surfaces (like the back and sides of the peninsula and island) longer to try and eliminate some of the deeper wood grain grooves in an effort to create a flatter surface for painting.  The process of sanding the cabinet frames took about 2 hours.

After the frames were completely sanded, I started removing the mounds of sawdust from the kitchen with a damp rag.  Since our house is so open, I wasn't able to block off the kitchen while sanding, therefore, dust was all over our entire room trio and living room.  So after cleaning the dust from the kitchen I got to dust the rest of the house.

While I was dusting, Titus was out in the garage sanding the 23 doors and 10 drawers with the same Ryobi orbital sander as I had used before.  He used the same sanding process I did by simply removing the shiny layer from both sides of the doors and the faces of the drawers.  We are keeping the same door pulls that we currently have so we did not need to fill the current handle holes with wood filler, but if you want to get new hardware you may need to fill your current holes with wood filler.  The inside corners of the doors weren't sandable with the orbital sander since it is round and corners are square, so we just left them unsanded and hoped it worked out.  The doors and drawers were given an initial cleaning with a damp rag like the frames.

Now, it was nearly time to start painting!  But just to make sure everything was ready, I wiped the entire cabinets and all doors and drawers with Krud Kutter Gloss-Off just like I did when I painted the trim.  Now time to paint!!! 

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  1. Uff da!! I would like to say that the worst is over..... But perhaps there is still some "worst" to come???