Thursday, May 31, 2012

Old yellow

I bet you didn't see this coming.  Nobody could have.  Weeks of our time were spent agonizing over the correct variation of white to paint our cabinets.  And now, the unthinkable is happening.  We are repainting them.  Our lovely Glacier White Corian countertops make our Swiss Coffee cabinets look ancient yellow.  I was unable to take a picture that showed how yellow the cabinets look next to the counters, so I will try to take a picture while painting to show the new color next to the old.

For painting round II we have a newly installed (and stupidly damaged) floor to protect, along with the beautiful light, new stove, other appliances, beautiful new counters, and the sleekest faucet you ever laid your eyes on.  Needless to say prep work was much more extensive for round two.

We started our prep by covering our counter with some painter's paper and masking tape. By chance this picture also shows the slight wood grain that shines through the paint.

Extra bonus:  We will be able to paint over the part of the cabinets that were previously covered by the laminate which hung over the cabinet frames.  As you probably assumed, that missing paint strip is a direct result of our unintelligent counter top installers tearing off some painters tape they had applied.  Now I will get to prime and paint their failure!

We covered the sink (which was full of dirty dishes) with the painters paper and covered the faucet with a garbage bag that we taped down to the paper.

The light was covered "Signs" style with aluminum foil which worked marvelously.

We also removed all the doors which will be painted out in the garage.  We plan to spray just one coat of paint over the existing paint since it is such a close match.  The insides of the frames will not be painted, they will just continue to live yellowish in the shadows.  Just like the round I, we will be using Benjamin Moore Advance, but this time in the stock white that they have.  Do not mistake this with "Base I" it is actually "White" which is already "colored."  I know, enough with the "quotes" onto the "after"...

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  1. It was nice to see your kitchen remodel in person. It looks beautiful!!! Great choices in color and materials.