Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feel the plywood between your toes

When I moved into our lovely house, the first thing I saw was the whitish/grayish/grossish linoleum that ran throughout the entire room trio.  It was of great quality and hid anything that fell on it.  I hated it.

From the moment I closed on the house my plan was to tear it out.  I had big dreams of a beautiful dark wood laminate floor.  It would protect itself against my crazy puppy's toe nails and look beautiful.  Unfortunately, the railing into our downstairs sits on a piece of wood next to the linoleum, so any new floor that would be installed couldn't float on the linoleum.

The linoleum and whatever underlayment it sat on would need to be removed.  We were told that if we did that, we could install a flooring 8mm in thickness.

Three years and one new husband later the linoleum was coming out.  But not without a fight.  When Titus started removing the linoleum he discovered it was glued to a piece of plywood.  Each piece of plywood was stapled every linear inch along the perimeter.  Huge staples.  Or so I heard.  Titus removed every last one of them.

The entire process Titus used to remove the floor was to first cut into the linoleum and plywood with his circular saw  He then pried up each section he had cut.  After all the linoleum and plywood was removed he removed the staples by putting his mini crowbar in the staple and hitting it with a hammer.  It was very loud.  Here is one of several piles of nasty linoleum.   

  The floor actually already looks better just being a darker color.  I would rather live on this plywood than live on the linoleum.

Titus took this floor demolition opportunity to get rid of a squeak we had in the floor as well.  He did this by screwing the plywood back down to the floor joist in the location of the squeak.  Look our oven was removed!  Maybe this means we will be getting a new stainless one!!!  Look how proud Titus looks after 2.5 hard days of floor removal labor. 

The above picture actually has a sneak peak to what I was working on while Titus was removing the floors.  Can you find it?

To prove that the plywood is superior to the linoleum here is your before and after:

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  1. AAAHHHH!!! All I got to see was the domo :(
    I'm glad to see you are back at the blog though.... Hopefully things are getting straightened out with the counter guys.