Friday, May 18, 2012

The silver lining

Our orange cabinets were not of super amazing quality.  They didn't even have backs to them, just the drywall.  So naturally we figured the hinges were a pile as well.  Wrong.  Apparently our hinges are "double demountable" which is awesome for removing the doors and hinges, but not awesome for the wallet when replacing them. And ours needed replacing.  They were gold.  Much like every piece of metal in my house was when I purchased them.

The gold hinges looked fairly normal on the orange cabinets.  They sort of blended right in.

The double demountable hinges have only 2 screws that need to unscrewed to remove the hinge.  One on the door and one on the frame.  It actually has a small plate that inserts into a slot cut into the frame and door that the hinge screws into.  So it basically just pinches against a section of wood on the cabinets.

When browsing the web for some sort of silver replacement, we found them to be around $8 a pair.  That would add up to about $184 with our 23 pairs needed.  This price led us to plan B:  painting the existing hinges.

I had my doubts about the paint actually staying on the hinges.  For example the arrow is pointing out the natural wear the hinge has undergone in its ten years of life.  If this happened to the original hinge's metal, how could a coat of paint ever stay on the hinge?  But apparently other people had had wonderful luck painting their hinges.

We gave it a shot.  I first sprayed some Kilz spray primer on the hinges.  After letting the primer dry for a day, I sprayed some Rustoleum nickel spray paint on them.  I let the paint dry for approximately 2 more days before I tried to open the hinge.  The paint immediately scraped off just like I thought it would.

I'm guessing the other people who painted their hinges had a different type of hinge.  Ours is designed with a plastic block inside which is meant to rub on the hinge to prevent slamming.  Because of this intentional friction, spray painting just wasn't in the cards for our high maintenance hinges.

After more googling Titus found some decently priced hinges from Kitchen Cabinet Hardware which were only $4.57 a pair.  That added up to only $117.22 with tax(we ordered one extra pair for good luck).

One day later (thanks to the hinges being shipped out of Monticello, MN) we had a big box of heavily packaged hinges!!!

Look how much nicer the actual silver hinges are next to my ugly painted hinge!  Good thing we bought new ones...

After about 30 minutes of installation I have your much anticipated before and after:

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  1. Beautiful!!!

    I almost feel as if I have actually been at your home to see your hard work.
    Enjoy your weekend. :)