Friday, May 18, 2012

A stainless steal

When I first bought our house three years ago, all my appliances were white.  Then Titus bought a refrigerator for his house (yes we had two houses, no it was not awesome) on an online price error, and a matching stainless dishwasher.  When we got engaged and decided to sell Titus' house, he moved his new fridge and dishwasher into my house and we put my old white fridge and dishwasher into his house.  Titus also found a barely used stainless microwave to match the fridge and dishwasher on Craigslist, which allowed us to sell the old white one.  That left us with only one white appliance.  The stove.

Very few things that came with my house were quality, but the stove was definitely the exception.  The stove has a double oven, the top oven being the one we use most frequently since it is smaller and takes less energy to heat.  The second oven is larger and it is a convection oven which means I use it to make six cakes at a time which was very important to me since I also make cakes.

Our oven's awesomeness far outweighed its ugliness, and has therefore never been replaced.  However, I have dreamed of this gem from Home Depot for months.  It is the same brand as our refrigerator and dish washer, the lower oven is convection, and it is self cleaning.  It also breaks the bank.

So I stalked Craigslist for something in the vicinity of this oven's awesomeness.  I would have settled for anything stainless and convection.  I found nothing.  Then, after a good day of Googling, I found our exact Gemini on sale at a Sears outlet.  It was one of those cosmetically damaged ones.  You know, where they have a scratch on the side that nobody will ever see since it is between to cabinets.  That Friday we went and visited our new find.  It was lovely, but I wasn't ready to commit.  After sleeping on it, we went back Saturday and made the big purchase.  At the end we paid $1,033.67 including tax, which is at least $500 less than we would have spent at Home Depot.

After hauling the heaviest oven ever made inside and weaving the it between the peninsula and island, we found out it doesn't actually fit in our kitchen.  It fits totally fine between the cabinets.  But the plug in that sticks out from the wall runs into the back of the oven panel in the wrong location.  There is an indent built into the back oven panel where the outlet is apparently supposed to be exactly located, with which our outlet does not match up. After much discussion, we decided to keep the oven and move the outlet.  We thought about hiring an electrician, but I convinced my loving husband that my old physics degree would love for me to put my electronics knowledge to use.  Technically no electrical anything would need to be done -- we will just move the outlet box over one wall stud.  This has yet to be done so our oven still sits about 8" away from the wall, exposing my embarrassing past in the form of neon yellow wall paint.

The day after my dreams had come true, I immediately put it to good use by making four cakes simultaneously.  The oven did actually emit a very unsafe smelling gas with the first use, but the manual claims it is totally non harmful unless you are a bird, which I am not.  So if you have a new oven and a bird, don't put them in the same room for a while.  The good news is the cake tasted normal and nobody has died yet.

Later today:  a post which accompanies the kitchen cabinet, floor, and oven reveal.  Yay.

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  1. Hey Ash,
    I'm not sure that I had seen this post before....
    Anyway, it was nice that you got to use your physics knowledge to work on the outlet, but did you also tell Titus that when you presented your project... the lights went out in the whole building!!!!