Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Touring the Brewery: Upstairs Bathroom

This week we will be touring the upstairs bathroom. 

The upstairs bathroom is fairly narrow.  As you walk in there is a pantry type closet on your right.  The cabinets were originally honey oak, but I added beadboard to the inset of the doors and painted them Behr Ultra pure white.   We also tiled the floors which were originally linoleum.

Further in on the right is the sink and vanity.  The vanity was also originally honey oak.  I again added beadboard to the inset of the doors and painted the vanity white.  The vanity top and sink was replaced with a black granite top from Home Depot.  The faucet is Glacier Bay from Home Depot.  

Hanging above the toilet is an old soda box turned shelf.

We plan to frame the mirror out with white trim in the near future.

I also applied beadboard to the side of the vanity.

Across from the toilet is the shower.  It has an unattractive frosted glass with an ancient floral design.  Next to the shower is the soaking tub.  It is extremely deep and takes about thirty minutes to fill with water.  Mostly it collects dust.  I made the shelves above the sink with 1 x 6 wood stained Minwax Dark Walnut. 

I stenciled the wall by hand using this tutorial.  This is probably the most accurate picture of what the paint color actually looks like.  It was nearly impossible to get a color that didn't look blue next to the gray tile. 

All the pictures are from our wedding.  The small clock is from Ikea.

The only thing we are planning on changing up in this room is the mirror which, as I mentioned, we will be framing out.  Other than that we are super happy with it.  I hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. I love your bathroom. It is very tastefully decorated. Nice work :)
    However, the suspense is killing me. Will I get to see the finished kitchen????

    1. I wish. The kitchen isn't finished yet, so I'm not able to show you a finished kitchen. We had some installers ruin a lot of the work we had done so we have to redo many things that were done before...

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