Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Touring the Brewery

Welcome to the first installation of Touring the Brewery.  Today marks the first day of a new Tuesday tradition in which I will share pictures of a different room in our house.  Most of them are fairly unattractive and need some form of work done but are patiently awaiting the resources.

Today, we will be touring the living room.  The living room is located directly up the stairs as you walk in the front door.  This is where Jacque and I relax and watch TV.  As you walk up the stairs you will see the couch and chair to the right.  The ancient recliner is from my grandma.  We hope to replace it in the near future.  The end table between the couch and chair is a hand-me-down from my mom which we also hope to find a replacement for, preferably something from a thrift store that can be refinished.

The end table to the left of the couch is from Goodwill.  It's pretty ugly right now, but I plan to refinish the top with darker stain and paint the rest white.  The pillows on the couch were made by me with Premier Prints fabric.  The massive mirror behind the couch is from Ikea.  It used to hang above the couch until I installed the board and batten around the room, so now it is temporarily hanging out behind the couch.

As we rotate left we see the fireplace.  The plan is to refinish the fireplace the same color the railing surrounding the living room will be.  Above the fireplace are three wedding photos from Shutterfly called "mounted wall art."  We aren't a huge fan of the black shiny granite fireplace surround and have considered redoing it in brick or something else not shiny.

As you rotate further left you see our T.V. and bookshelves.  The T.V. stand is from Target and the shelves are from Amazon.  Jacque stores his toys under the left bookshelf. 

The shelves are mostly filled with books and photos.  There are also a couple Willow Tree figurines, a ceramic bunny left over from Easter, and one of those nesting dolls that my dad brought back from Russia.  Our massive receiver for the surround sound speakers sits obnoxiously on the bottom right shelf.  We probably wouldn't have ever had surround sound in this room, but the previous owners left holes in the ceiling where they had previously installed their own speakers, so we filled the holes with new speakers.

Rotating still further to the left is our hallway.  The hallway walls are Behr Silver Sateen which is the same color as the entryway/kitchen/dining room.  The first door on the left is the bathroom, followed by our bedroom, a linen closet on the end, and a guest bedroom on the right of the hallway.

The entire living room and hallway are covered in faux board and batten which I installed myself using MDF.  The board and batten is painted Behr Swiss Coffee with a semi gloss finish which now matches all of our trim.  The living room walls are painted Behr Newport Blue which is a grayish blue.

Overall this room is pretty much finished, just a few potential furniture changes and fireplace updates to go.


  1. Nice tour. Especially for those of us who would like to get down to see you, but haven't been able to yet. The previous owners would never recognize it!!!!! It looks very nice.