Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Entryway Toupee

We got it.  Our very first jute rug. Remember when we were contemplating the best rug to purchase?  Well we went against the only vote we got which was for this rug, and got this rug from Overstock instead!

And boy was it a fantastic choice.  We love it so much.  It's the most perfect size; it fits perfectly between the stairs and the front door.  It does actually cover half the floor vent, but I figure it will basically just increase the speed of the air flow through the other half of the vent so we're all good.  The green tape is in preparation of painting the railing balusters and the side of the stairs.  Don't get your hopes up for that getting done quickly.

The scariest part of purchasing this rug online was that I had never even seen a jute rug in real life, so I didn't know if it would be super crusty and weird.  I also worried it would be too thin, a big time shedder, or a hideous beast.

Turns out it is fairly soft, doesn't shed, and is wonderfully textured.  I was extremely surprised how thick it was.  It measures in at approximately one inch.  Thickest rug I've ever seen.

The jute sort of snakes back and forth across the top of the rug and there is another layer of tighter woven material below.  I'm hoping this will help absorb some of the Minnesota winter melting snow.  We also purchased a rug pad to help keep the rug in place.  I'm not sure we would have needed this because the rug is super heavy so I think it would have stayed in place well on its own.

So obviously our new rug has captured our hearts.  It gives our entryway a lot of textures and warms it up.  Oh and the price, $79.99 + $19.99 for the pad.  NBD.

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  1. Your kitchen and entry way look awesome! I love everything you have done! The rug, what a good find. The deer head, cool. I thought that was the one Titus got last hunting season and you has it pewtered preserved! Good job guys!