Friday, June 1, 2012


Now that spring has hit and we finally have some sunshine, it's time to tackle some outdoor chores.  My first mission will be clearing this embarrassing disaster of a flower garden.

In the front are some sort of bulb plants, an unbloomed Asiatic Lilly, some post bloom browning tulips, a lupin, and a lot of grass and weeds.  In the middle is just simply weeds and grass.  In the back is some sort of bluish blooming perennial that I don't remember the name of.  If at any point during this post you figure out what that plant is, do me the pleasure of sharing the knowledge in a comment.

Way back behind the unknown bluish blooming perennial is a rubarb plant my mother was generous enough to share with me.  And finally, to the front right of the unknown bluish blooming plant is an unbloomed Astilbe which looks like a weed to me.

There is also a tiny butterfly sign that says "God bless this garden" or something else completely cliche.  Next to the moderately annoying sign is a pole holding an empty bird feeder.  Mostly that feeder fattens our ironically located city deer.

Here you can see the rhubarb and some impressively tall pokey weeds.  Notice how shiny Jacque is.  Also try to avoid looking at our deck.  It is not attractive.

Anyone know the best way to get rid of that moss on the side of the bricks without chemically causing three legged children?

Time to dig in.  I used my three pronged hand garden fork tool to loosen the dirt around all the weeds to pull as much of the roots along with the plant as I could.  After about forty five minutes of weeding I had myself a clean garden.  Now you can distinguish the plants a little better. 

Now that we had a clean garden to work with, I was able to plan out some flower and vegetable planting.  Yes, I will be planting vegetables in my flower garden. 

Without much thought of what I types of flowers I wanted to plant, I headed down to Home Depot.  After looking around at the sunny zone flowers I picked out some light purple petunias, multicolored celosia, yellow and orange marigolds, white vinca, and yellow, orange, and pink zinnias.

When I got the plants home, I laid out in their containers around the garden to help plan the layout.  It might look like Jacque is going #2 in the corner there, but it is actually an action shot of him transitioning from the standing position to the seated position.  He would never be that rude.  Also that line you see in the grass is the path he has beaten while taking potty breaks.  It gives Titus anxiety.

I planned to group each type of flower together to limit my contributions to entropy.  The vegetable garden would be planted in the bottom left corner near the rhubarb.  It would include bush beans, carrots, and cucumber most likely planted too closely together.

To plant the flowers I just dug an appropriately sized hole and put them in with enough space between each plant to allow them to fill out over time.   The bare area at the bottom left is growing veggies.  Next to the veggies are the vinca.  Above the vinca are the marigolds.  To the right of the marigolds are the zinnias.  Below the zinnias are the petunias.

On the the other side is a line of orange marigolds with a line of celosia in front.  Apparently I need another set of plants to go in the empty space between the marigolds and the rhubarb. 

After all the plants were put in, I sprayed the garden with lots of water because my mom told me you are supposed to do that immediately after you plant them.

On to outdoor chore number two which involves more planting.  However, this round will be in my fancy topsy turvy style planter that Titus gave me last year for my birthday.

The planter has five holes in the bottom of the raised planter section to do upside down planting.  I utilized two of the holes with a tomato plant germinated by my lovely mother and a pepper plant from Home Depot.  If you look closely above you can see the two plants hanging down (if our gorgeous white deck railing lattice doesn't make you go cross-eyed).

In the top part of the planter I put in two kale plants shown at the bottom of the picture and a basil plant attaching itself to the kale on the bottom left.  All three of those plants were grown by my lovely mother, as well.  Unfortunately I killed the other plants that she gave me, so the basil you see at the top right is from Home Depot.

Now that the crops are in, I am going to try my darnedest to water these things when they need it.  I've already failed at that once, but now I know.  And we've already gone over what GI Joe would say.

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  1. Your flower/vegetable garden is looking good. I'm pretty sure the purplish flower you are wondering the name of is Salvia. There is an annual one and a perennial one. I think!!!