Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Paper Party

As you know, Monday was Titus and my first anniversary.  We thought it would be fun and creative to follow the traditional anniversary gifts in which the first anniversary is the paper anniversary.  Titus and I both DIYed some amazing paper anniversary gifts for each other.

But before I get into our amazing paper fancies, I will digress into some anniversary weekend doings.  The weekend started with the Hillcrest Invitational Golf Tournament which is a fundraiser for Titus' high school.  My mom started off by getting a chance to make a putt to win a free bike. 

Even with perfect form, she ended up missing the putt.  The guy behind her made his, which she attributes to her showing him the correct line.

Our team consisted of my mom, dad, Titus, and me.  

We actually ended up getting the lowest net score with our -11 gross.  They do some sort of handicap equation I'm unaware of to determine this net score.  We did also end up getting second in the gross category which was nice, as well.  I'm assuming no women have ever won this tournament because our prize was a men's polo shirt.  We're hoping our win will pave the way for a more gender equal tournament in the future which will in turn prompt the government to name a coin after me for my works toward gender equality. 

After our big win, we got to enjoy eating the top tier of our wedding cake with Titus' parent, his sister, and my parents.  My mom was happy to have the huge cake container out of her freezer, and I was happy I finally got to eat a piece of our wedding cake.

I don't know why I was standing so weird.  Look the inside of the cake matches my amazing shorts.

The next morning we went to Fargo to stay in a hotel and eat too much food.

Which brings us to our amazing paper gifts.  I made Titus some DIY framed art.  The frame is a shadow box type frame from Ikea in which I secured a 4x4 array of hearts.  The two pink hearts have our initials strategically arranged since they can be taken out of context if improperly ordered. 

The rest of the hearts are actually little maps of different locations that were significant to us.  There were hearts for each of our home towns, the location of Titus' house and appartment, and places we had gone on vacations (which you can read about here).  The map hearts were folded slightly so they appeared 3D and the pink hearts were placed flat.  Each heart was made from a printed Google map image which was cut using a heart punch and secured with a glue dot.

Titus waited until our actual anniversary to give me my paper gifts, but he did give me an amazingly awesome bow ring which I adore!  After the exchange it was time to go stuff our faces at Spitfire.

After supper we were so deathly full we had to lay on the bed and watch the US Open before we were able to venture to the hot tub.

We were sad to leave the hotel Sunday morning, but I was happy to to pick up my puppy who was staying with his Grandma and Grandpa Brue for the night.  

We returned to work Monday (our actual anniversary), but our celebration continued after work.  I gave Titus his non paper tennis racket which he had been wanting.  I thought it was appropriate since we had played  a lot of tennis on our honeymoon so it was slightly wedding related.

The paper fest continued when he presented me with an amazingly colorful bouquet of hand made flowers.  Folded by the hands of Titus!  This was pretty much the best idea ever since I love when he gets me flowers, but this was about 18 times better because they took thought and time and awesomeness. 

The paper didn't end there.  He also printed out the love letter my pastor had us write for each other before our wedding.  He did some fancy word coloring and font changing.  We'll let you know where we hang it up.  We have considered doing the same with my (much longer) love letter and hanging them above each of our nightstands for a morning reminder of our blessings.

I'll spare you any more mush related to our much loved first anniversary celebration and get back to general house doings...

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