Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snow White and the Seven Coats of Paint

When I last left you in our kitchen we were ready to repaint the cabinets.  You may remember that we originally painted the cabinets the beautiful color Swiss Coffee.  It was all super neat until our extremely white Corian Glacier White countertops were installed which made our Swiss Coffee look nasty yellow.  Which brings us back to our protected paint ready kitchen.

When repainting the cabinets we are using Benjamin Moore Advance in its off the shelf white.  Do not confuse that with Base 1 (which can be tinted white).  The paint I used is pretinted paint in white.

Digression:  We did not cover the floors out nearly far enough.  If you will be using a paint sprayer, you need to cover the floors out at least 10 feet past the surface you will be painting.  We did not do this and we ended up scraping billions of little dried paint droplets off our brand new irresponsibly chipped and painted floor.  

I will be using the exact same process as the first time I painted which you can see here.  The only difference is that I will only paint one coat of paint since there are already two coats of a similar paint color on the cabinets.

After I removed the hinges and doors and all the food, dishes and everything else I never wanted to remove again I was ready to paint.  The garage floor was once again covered in thin painters plastic for the doors to be laid out on some scrap wood just like the first time.

The drawers got to sit on some wood raised up on sawhorses.  The fogginess of the picture is from all the dried paint in the air after I had sprayed all the doors and drawers in the garage.  This is why you need an attractive mask while you paint.

After one coat of paint we had a beautifully white set of cabinet boxes that matched our counters perfectly.

Below is the best illustration I could get of the color difference between the White and the Swiss Coffee paint colors.  The door leaning on the cabinet frame is Swiss Coffee and the cabinet frame is White.  You may think there isn't much of a difference but you're wrong.  The Swiss Coffee was gross and old lady and the white is clean and bright.  If I have to be honest, I like the Swiss Coffee color better in general, and we will continue to use it throughout the house in all the trim and board and batten, but against the counters, pure white was essential. 

 After a couple days of curing I put the doors were ready to go back up.  Remember it takes a solid 30 days for the paint to fully cure.  So even though I put the doors back up, we have to be very careful for the first month of use. 

 After all the paper was removed and the doors and the hardware are back up we have our after.  Clearly I need to repaint the Silver Sateen on the walls where the overspray ruined it.  But for now our cabinets just appear to have a special glow.


  1. I'm a little confused about what you explained with the off the shelf white, and base 1 and pretinting... I'd like what you have.. did you just.. grab the gallon from the shelf and leave, or did you get it tinted?

    1. A lot of paint brands have several base colors which are used for paint that is being colored. However, they usually have a paint premixed labeled White. So you can just take the can right off the shelf and use that White color as is without any mixing like is needed with base colors. (however, I suggest you still have the paint counter put it through the shaker thing to stir it up for you)