Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Touring the Brewery: The Family Room

After a painful absence, Touring the Brewery has returned with our family room.   The family room is downstairs directly below our living room.  I will request that you never refer to our family room as a "Man Cave".  Partially because my husband is not a cave man, and partially because that term is stupid.

As you walk downstairs from our trio you enter into the family room.  In the middle of the room you see our sectional which we got at Ashley Furniture.  In the back corner trying to hide behind the couch is my beloved elliptical.  I refused to force it into the back room where it would have been more attractively hidden.

Behind the sectional is a fourish foot path to the elevator doors.  I call them elevator doors because they open and close together.  And also, because the previous owner who finished our downstairs was an elevator engineer and built them to function like elevator doors.  i appreciate his efforts, I do not appreciate their appearance. We hope to someday remove the doors and make the back room a true bedroom.

Also behind the sectional is a random patch of tile that must have been for some old gas stove or something, I guess.  Titus' surround sound speakers currently live on some TV trays we got as a wedding gift.  His plan is to build a custom console table for behind the sectional. 

 As we rotate clockwise you can see the sliding glass door and hospital blinds that walks out to our backyard.  To the right of the sliding glass door is my workout station.  Jacque's feeding station is on the tile by the door next to his bed where he stays during the day while we are at work.

Rotating again we can see our Ikea entertainment center. 

To the right of the entertainment center you see our child injuring windows to the dining room.  Below the creepy windows is our Alice in Wonderland door which leads into our huge storage area.  Above the door is a hideous metal bird that was over the front door of Titus' old house.

On the adjacent wall is the door to our stairs to the trio. 

To the right of the stairway door is the boys bathroom.

There are many things we would like to do differently down here.  I would love to remove the chair rail and paint the whole room a light greenish color.  The trim will definitely be painted Swiss Coffee to match the upstairs trim.  The hospital blinds on the sliding glass door will be removed and I plan to make some replacements.  Of course the creepy windows will be removed and covered in sheet rock as well.  All in good time, though, of course.

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