Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aunt Petunia

You have all had the pleasure of viewing the majority of The Brewery's interior, and now you will get the much smaller pleasure of viewing its current exterior.

Yes it is July, and yes those are Christmas lights.  We have actually reached a point where it is too hot to go on the roof to remove them without ruining the shingles.  I know what you are thinking:  "But those shingles already look destroyed"...  They are.  And we just found out we are probably getting a new roof due to the lawsuit out on these shingles.  Yay for free (other than the deductible of course) roofs (hopefully).

Anyway, along with a new roof and some Christmas light removal in the less hot future there are a few other things we would like to add to get more curb appeal.   When I first moved into the Brewery back in 2009 the entire driveway and that rock path to the right of the walkway were lined in hideous grayish green cacti which made Jacque yelp upon contact.  As you can see much improvement has been made over the years including the removal of all cacti and the planting of anything you see in the above picture.  Side note, if you are building a new house, I do not recommend using rock for landscaping.  Plants hate it and so will you.

Our plans for this front of the house are to plant some flowers in the two planters you see on the front step, build a window box for the kitchen window seen on the right, take the Christmas lights down, and hopefully get a new roof.

I started back in June when I bought two hanging petunia planters which I planted in the two planters on the front step.  Those flowers actually added a lot of color to our boring gray house on their own.

Then, Titus went to work building me a windowplanter.  After considereing different building materials, he decided on using wood which he would later paint for protection.

After the box was built he filled all the holes and cracks with caulk, however he also considered using wood filler.

The window box was now ready for some primer and paint.

He used my favorite Benjamin Moore Fresh Start All-Purpose Primer and Behr off the shelf white outdoor paint.

When the box had completely dried it was ready to be attached to the house.  This is the scary part since nobody ever wants to completely ruin the outside of their house.

The planter attachment plan was to use L-Brackets which would attach under the window box.

He first cut slits in the bottom of one of the rows of siding and shoved the brackets up.

Then calculated where the holes were in the bracket and drilled through the top of the siding, through the brackets, and into the house.

Since he had drilled through the siding, the house was no longer protected from moisture, therefore, Titus applied boatloads of caulk around each screw and along the line at which the bracket goes under the siding.

After the caulk was dry, the window box was attached on top of the brackets.  To avoid water from sitting behind the window box, Titus also applied a line of white caulk between the siding and the top of the window box.  Titus also drilled holes in the bottom of the box every foot for drainage.

After the window box was safely in place, we poured some Miracle Grow organic potting soil in (used less than one big bag of potting soil).

When we were at Ace last weekend picking up some Ben Advance paint for our doors (spoiler alert) I bought four six packs of wave petunias for the planter.  The difference the flowers made to the house was much greater than I imaged it would be, and I imaged a pretty awesome difference.

First, look how awesome the flowers look out our kitchen window.  So happy and bright!

And look at how much color the flowers add to our monotone gray house.  They are pretty much the best addition ever. Oh, yes, Titus did remove the Christmas lights for me.  Happy July.

They are just so bright and happy.

The afternoon after I planted the flowers a lady stopped by the the Brewery to ask if our non existent children wanted to join their children's Bible study (super nice gesture) and she actually said we had a super cute house.  First time ever.  I contribute it solely to the addition of the flower box.  Love it.

Big shout out to the best husband ever for making this awesome addition.  You rule Titus.

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  1. Nice looking planter box. It did brighten up the outside :)