Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cool This Place Down

A few months ago we finished out upstairs trim painting project, however, that did not include the painting of the baseboards in the bedrooms.  Last weekend I decided it was time to get those baseboards removed and ready for some Swiss Coffee.  While the baseboards are removed, I also decided that it would be the best time for painting the walls since I wouldn't have to cut in around the baseboards.

You probably remember from Monday's tour of the brewery that the master was yellow with a brown accent wall:

I had been searching for an appropriate paint color for months.  I ideally wanted to go with a cooler tone such as a light bluish greenish color, however, our dresser prevented me from using anything blue, green, or bluish greenish due to its light green color.  The thought of painting the dresser did enter my mind, however, Titus spotted that thought right away and informed me he did not approve dresser painting.  So, I finally decided to go with a very light gray... one even lighter than the Silver Sateen in the trio and hallway.  After looking at different paint samples, we decided to go with Behr Silver Drop.

Now that I had my mind set on painting I immediately moved all our furniture away from the walls, asked Titus to remove the baseboards, and started cutting in.  (You can find more info on my painting methods and how to cut in here) I ended up painting just one coat of Silver Drop on the yellow walls and two coats on the brown wall.  To time that correctly with dry time, I started on the brown wall, painted all the way around the room, and by the time I got back to the brown wall it was ready for it's second coat.  With all that painting (minus the baseboard cut in) it only took about two hours to complete the entire room.

I had actually planned on using an even lighter gray, but was very surprised how light Silver Drop ended up looking.  When I first started rolling it on, I actually worried it would look completely white, since the previous colors were so much more saturated.  After all the walls had been covered the color ended up being pretty much exactly what I was going for.

After a Sunday filled with painting, Titus and I took a beach break since any non water related outdoor activity would melt us.  But when we got home, I went straight to pushing the furniture back in place. 

I was able to move the bed further left to make room for my jewelry chest, which no longer blocks part of the window.  Our family picture also got relocated to the window wall where it looks much more proportional.  This also made room for our new headboard which is hopefully getting started soon!

I was super happy to see that the green dresser still looked good with the new light.  I was slightly worried the brown in the mirror wouldn't look as good with the new cool tone gray, but I think it still works well.

Jacque is super pumped about his bonus room with the bed moved over, which also gave the new white curtains some space to hang.

Yep that's right, after living without any form of curtains or blinds for three months, we now have a set of black dog unfriendly white Ikea Vivan curtains.  They are super shear so they don't really block any light, but I hate blocking out the sun anyway, so they do the job for us.

I always here people talk about how curtains can make a room look so much taller, but I never experienced that for myself until putting these things up.  They make the room look a million times better.

As for hanging them, they curtain rod is six inches above the to of the window and the outside of the rod is a foot from the side of the window.  That means when the curtains are open, they don't actually block any of the window which make the window look even larger and allows more light to come in. 

Unfortunately the TV still has ugly cords hanging down everywhere.  I should add a zip tie to the back to at least hold them together so they hang down the same path...  We would still love to get a larger dresser below the TV for Titus at some point, as well.

You may have noticed there are no baseboards back on the walls... Titus and I just sprayed the second coat of paint on those babies, so they will be going back up soon.  Then our upstairs trim will all be white!  Yay! 

The new gray definitely took a lot of color out of the room, so adding the headboard is looking even more crucial at this point.  I'm still trying to decide between two colors, but hopefully I can decide soon so we can get some color back in this joint.

Until then, here are some befores and afters:

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  1. You are becoming an expert painter!! It's very fresh looking. Nice.