Monday, July 9, 2012

Peachy unkeen

When you toured the Guest Bedroom last week, I had mentioned that I wanted to paint the matte white and ugly green walls.  Well I did it.  The same weekend I painted the master.... and the same color: Behr Silver Drop.

Just a reminder of how the white and green looked before I painted:

To prepare for painting, I moved all the furniture away from the walls, took down all the random dog pictures and filled their nail holes.  I also removed the random corner poofs from the ceiling.  When I was ready to start painting, I had Titus come in and remove the baseboards, just like when I painted the master since we would need to paint them Swiss Coffee anyway.

After about 2 hours I had thrown up one coat of Silver Drop on the three previously white walls, and two coats on the previously green wall.

After seeing the new color, I just couldn't handle the peach bedding any longer.  As I moved the furniture back in place, I remembered that I actually had an old white down comforter that I used to use on our king bed in the master.  I pulled it out and tested it out for size.  It is definitely big for the bed, but it only touches the ground at the bottom corners, so It will stay for now.

Over the past week, Titus and I sprayed all the baseboards Behr Swiss Coffee to match the rest of the house trim.  After it had dried, Titus used the nail gun to put it back in place.  I followed behind him with some Elmer's wood putty followed by a coat of Swiss Coffee to top off the putty.

Which all together, left us with a much cleaner, and slightly brighter, much less colorful and randomly place art filled room.  As I mentioned before, I will hopefully add a mirror above the dresser or maybe an array of frames.  I'm also hoping to do some DIY art above the bed to add some color.

Oh and my parents will be so happy to hear that I finally reinstalled the blinds which have been missing since I painted the window trim.   They are just some low profile blinds that fold up tiny so you barely see them.  Hopefully I will buy or sew some new colorful curtains for this window sometime during our tenure here at the Brewery, but I'm not making any promises.

Until then, we have a lovely new blank slate for some future color.  And I never have to see that shade of green again.

For your viewing pleasure... befores and afters:

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  1. Ok, I do like that window shade!!! The rest of the room looks fresh and clean. I'm eager to see what the DIY project above the bed turns out to be...