Sunday, July 29, 2012

Toad Stools

We have made a few updates to the kitchen lately.  Some day this beast might be complete.  The first update is that we finally painted Silver Sateen on the walls to cover up the over-spray from the second round cabinet painting.  The only proof you will be given of this is in the form of today's before shot:

I know, you can barely tell that anything has changed.  But don't be discouraged, that is not the true meaning behind today's long awaited post.  Today we will be painting those cheap target stools.

As you might remember from our checklist, we planned to either paint or buy new stools.  Do to recent life planning, I opted to paint our existing stools.

The stools originated in a light wood color with a shiny finish.  Before painting I hauled them out to a giant piece of nasty cardboard which would protect Titus' plush green grass from the spray paint.

 To paint them I started, as always, by not sanding, because I hate it.  I then sprayed one coat of Kilz spray primer all over the stools.

I actually ran out of primer on the second stool and ended up using some silver paint plus primer spray paint which works just as well for priming.

I let the stools dry completely which took about ten minutes, just like the primer can said it would.

When I decided to paint our existing stools, I considered several colors.  First there was yellow, but then I remembered that most of the accessories in this room (most of which you have not yet seen) are yellow, so that was out.  Then I considered red, but thought that wouldn't really go with the cool tones in the trio.  Next, thought was my all time favorite blue, which would match the light above the sink, and some of the accessories (which you haven't seen) and our color scheme.  However, in the end I decided to go with.... Green!  Which is also goes with our color scheme as you might remember with our plateau. 

After browsing every green spray paint imaginable I went with Rust-Oleum gloss protective enamel in an unnamed color.  Yep, they are apparently so into making paint colors, they don't even take the time to name them.

When spray painting I have found that you get the best results if you apply many very thin layers.  Spray paint has the tendency to bubbly if applied to thick and it never ever levels itself like wall paint.  I applied about four thin layers of green paint to get the coverage I was looking for.

After I applied my last coat of paint, I allowed the stools to cure outside for about 2 hours.  When I went to check on them their was a bug stuck to one of the horizontal dowels, which was neat.  I was able to pry him off and touch that area up.  I then brought them inside to cure for another 22 hours as directed by the can.

When I finally got to bring them upstairs, I was totally in love with their wonderful frog green color.

Mother knows, we needed some more color in this room, and we got it. 

Now for your before and after.

Look you can see the bottom of the clock we hung above the south kitchen window above.  Don't worry, I'll show you some more pictures when I update you on the new accessories we've added.

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