Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Touring the Brewery: The Guest Bedroom

What a bonus for you guys... a second Touring the Brewery in a row.   This time we are going to be touring our tiny guest bedroom.

This room is located on the upper level across the hall from the Master bedroom.  I have not painted this room (other than the trim) since moving in.  As you walk in you see the pure flat white walls.  In the corner is my randomly placed mirror which was relocated from the master when I moved the huge Ikea mirror in.  The grandma style bedding is fittingly from my grandma, as is the bed.  We used to have a double size bed in here, which actually fit much nicer, but my parents really wanted a larger bed for when they came to visit.

The pictures are actually randomly placed on nails that were already in the walls when I moved in.  The daisy picture on the left was only put there so it wasn't sitting on the floor anymore.  The plan is to paint this room, then all the weirdly placed pictures will come down.  Yes that is a senior photo style picture display frame of my childhood dog hanging above the mirror.

To the right of the window is a long dresser, that just barely leaves a normal sized walking path.  The wall above it is completely empty, but hopefully getting something soon.

With the bed pushed against the wall, there is just enough room between the foot board and window wall for a path.  I would actually prefer to not have a foot board, and make a headboard that takes up less space so the room would be less crowded, but that is low on the to-do list.

The closet seen below is a rather large walk in closet which is apparently supposed to make up for the tiny room.

I hate that green wall.  The previous owners painted that exact color in the living room, and as accent walls to this room and the master.  Soon it will no longer be in here and I will never have to see it again.  You are probably thinking that I should be more concerned about the age inappropriate bedding than the wall color, but bedding is just so dang expensive people.  Yes those poofs are relocated from the trio as seen in your very first peek at our house.  They are just so bright and pretty I don't want them to go... but I also don't want them to be in my house...

As you can see, the bed is too large to have two nightstands, which was not the case when there was a double size bed.  Since only visitors stay in here that isn't a huge issue at this point.  Don't worry I did notice that dog picture doesn't really fit into the rest of the house theme.  I just really like dogs.

I would love to add a fun mirror above the dresser, or even just take the dresser out and put some frames up on this wall.  Maybe that is another frame filled with dog pictures... this time it might be Jacque.

I still need to paint all the interior doors Swiss Coffee...  As you probably remember, we had fans in every room with a ceiling fixture.  This fan will stay, but I plan so spray paint the shiny brass a darker color.

The biggest changes I am planning to do to this room are painting the wall, hanging some new wall decor, painting the fan, and hopefully getting some new more age appropriate bedding if I find something affordable.  Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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