Monday, July 2, 2012

Touring the Brewery: The Master Bedroom

After a long break in brewery tours, we will pick back up with the master bedroom.  The master is located upstairs just past the bathroom, with a west facing window.

This room was the first room I painted when I moved in back in 2009.  The yellow on the walls is the same eye piercing yellow previously seen in the trio, however, I actually liked how it looked in this room.  Accent walls still seemed like a good idea back in 2009, which explains the chocolate brown wall the bed resides on. 

When you first walk in the door you see the bed along the back wall with the dresser to your left, and the window, TV, and closet to your right.  Obviously the engagement canvas art on the brown wall is slightly dwarfed by the king size bed, but we have plans for a headboard in the works which will take care of this problem.

Our light green dresser came from Les Junc which is a great affordable furniture store located in Zimmerman, MN.  I would definitely recommend them if you love the look of painted distressed furniture and don't want to do it yourself.  The mirror above the dresser is from Home Goods and the chandelier is from Pottery Barn Kids.  That chandelier took two years to find, and even though it is apparently made for a child's room, I adore it.

The nightstants are from Ikea.  They are terribly tiny so I wouldn't recommend them to anyone who has space for something a bit larger.  The lamps on the bedside tables are from Target.  As you can see we share a room with Jacque and his huge pillow that lives on my side of the bed.

As we rotate clockwise we see the our window which almost has curtains.  I broke our super fancy blackout shades when I removed them to paint the window trim.  Totally worth it.  Next to the window is the ugly fan I should take back downstairs, my oddly placed jewelry cabinet, and an enormous Ikea mirror.  On the next wall is the walk in closet, the TV with no shortage of hideous hanging cords, and Titus' tiny black dresser.  Yes that is an Eeeyore picture from on Titus' dresser.  Even though he is a cartoon and I am 26 we are both ISTJs, so I like him.

We would really love to get a bigger dresser for Titus not only so he has more storage, but a larger dresser would look more proportional to the space.

So I loved this room for a while, but I think it's about time for some updates.  Our plans for this space include:
1. Making a headboard
2.  Painting the walls to make progress on the elimination of all accent walls
3.  Painting the baseboards and doors Swiss Coffee
4.  Getting a larger dresser
5.  Hanging curtains
6.  Doing something with those TV cords
7.  Finding a more logical location for the jewelry cabinet


  1. 2 Things... I didn't know accent walls were out of style. I still like them!!! Change gets harder the older we get I guess.
    Second, I think the location of your jewelry box is nice. I wish my bedroom was large enough to house one!!!
    Can't wait to see the headboard.

    1. You can't really tell from the picture but half the jewelry chest is covering the window since the mirror is so large. Don't worry accent walls are still loved by some people!