Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Updated list

I started this blog back in April to share our DIY journey which would start in our room trio. We made a list of tasks we wanted to accomplish along the way. We also set a goal to complete these tasks in 1.5 to 2 months which would have been one month ago. Clearly we haven't completed the kitchen, however, we have made significant progress. Our amazing summer weather has been stretching the project (and blog posts) out significantly. Summers in Minnesota are just so short, we can't help but enjoy them outside!

We thought everyone could use a little update on what we have completed, and what still needs to be done. You might remember we started with a neon yellow, honey oak filled, out of style trio which you can burn your eyes out on here.

Since then, we have painted the yellow walls Silver Sateen. Painted all the trim in our upstairs. Cut off the garage door and cabinet connector wood. Sanded and painted (twice! here and here) the cabinets. Replace the cabinet hinges. Built a pantry. Installed a new light above the sink. Replaced the countertops, sink, and faucet. Ripped out the hideous linoleum and installed new laminate. Sanded and refinished the stairs and railing in darker stain. Purchased a new stainless stove. Purchased a new rug and decor (here and here) for the entryway.

Since our improving trio stood in a weeks long state unfinished potential for the past few weeks, I am posting this for my own selfish motivation. Additional kick in the pants has been brought to me by the amazingly hot weather we are having here in MN which prevents us from doing anything that involves moving outside. To clarify, my last statement was not a complaint about the weather being too hot, just hot enough to inspire me to get some indoor work done. I will cherish every blistering day of Minnesota summer.

My final kick in the pants is provided by my lazy self in the form of a unchecked off list. You may remember the original list here. And here is partially checked modified list:

1. Paint the window and door trim and baseboards white
2. Remove the “garage door” on the bottom of the cabinet to the left of the sink.
3. Remove the cabinet connector wood above the sink window
4. Paint the cabinets white (twice!)
5. Build a pantry where the useless desk resides (still need to paint the door and its trim)
6. Spray paint or replace the goldcabinet door hinges with nickel hinges
7. Replace the light above the sink
8. Get new countertops
9. Replace the hideous linoleum (floor removal, floor installation)
10. Refinish the stairs to match thenew floor
11. Refinish the railing with darkerstain to match the floor and paint the spindles white
12. Add trim around the base of the cabinets instead of quarter round
13. Paint all the walls
14. Make new curtains for the slidingglass door
15. Paint the existing or buy new stools thatactually fit the peninsula
16. Install a backsplash
17. Install board and batten on stairs
18. Buy a stainless stove to match the other appliances
19. Remove the hazardous windows inthe dining area that open into the downstairs
20. Buy an appropriately sized rug forthe entryway
21. Buy a waterproof rug for theentryway closest to protect the laminate against Minnesota winter
22. Create some sort of wall decorin the dining room
23. Get new decor for the closet plateau
24. Move stove outlet so stove can be pushed back into place properly
25. Repaint Silver Sateen around the cabinets
26. Bend the hinges on the misaligned cabinet doors so they close properly

Questionable to dos:
24. Bring in some sort of seating inthe entryway for the guests to sit on for shoe doings Not happening
25. Get new light fixtures for above the table and in the entryway

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  1. Wow! There are a lot of checks off that list!!! You should be feeling a good sense of accomplishment. It is looking really fresh, bright and just plain nice.