Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pounding out Pillows

A couple weeks ago, I painted our master and guest bedrooms Silver Drop.  I loved the neutral color and how much it brightened the rooms up.  However, the new paint did suck a lot of color out of the rooms.  The bedroom got the first color kick when I added a yellow headboard.

With the gray walls and the new bright yellow headboard, the brown bed skirt and pillows didn't really go anymore.  So I ventured to Joann Fabric and bought a couple fabrics and sewed myself some pillow.

I made two euro pillows around the inserts of the pillow I already had on the bed.  I just took off their shams and sewed a square all the way around them.  I figured they would be easy enough to cut back out if I ever wanted a new cover in the future.  Also, that was really the only way I knew how to make a pillow. 
The two smaller pillows were made with that fluffy pillow filling.  I'm not totally in love with the little pillows so they might end up moving.  I would actually like to make a long cylindrical pillow which would run the whole width of the bed, but that seems difficult.  Since our bed is a king size, I also think it would improve the look significantly if I were to make one more euro pillow.

When I was at Joann I also picked up some fabric for the completely color free guest bedroom.  These shams were sewed the same way I had in the master by using an insert from the previously seen peach euro shams.  I absolutely love the fabric I used for these pillows.  They are such a great bright blue and I love the pattern.  The actually added even more color than I thought they would.

I would still like to add more pillows to this room to add even more color.  Obviously some art on the walls would be a huge improvement, as well.  Until then...
Before and after for the guest bedroom...

 And for the brown free master bedroom:  (I also added a navy bed skirt to match the navy euro shams!)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Crazy Lady

Last week I shared our beautiful new roof with you guys.  When we came home on roofing day, the first thing I did was gauk over the beautiful new roof.  The second thing I did was walk into the house to this:

The beautiful shelf that I just had the joy of showing to you last week had fallen to the aggressive hands of our roofers.  Unintentional of course.  Never did it cross my mind that I should beware of potential damage to items hung on exterior walls. 

I'm guessing the giant unsecured leaning picture was the catalyst.  The frame and glass was destroyed on impact.  The shattered glass destroyed the picture I had been so hesitant to purchase by scratching it in a few locations. 

The scratches are fairly small so I plan to reuse the picture in a new frame.  Sadly the frame wasn't cheap due to its size.

The picture took the two stacked milk glass bowls with it.  It also took the decrative bowls and pitcher.  Miraculously only one of the three bowls shattered.  The Martha Stewart pitcher was ruined, as was... the floor.

Worst news ever.  As if the shattered wedding memory remains weren't enough, the shards also caused extreme damage to our floor.  The shattered glass caused several clusters of small scratches.

As well as a couple huge dents caused by the larger heavy objects.

These damages are whole lot more noticeable than the damage caused by the irresponsible counter top installers.  Luckily the damage is behind the table instead of in the middle of the floor.

I must confess, after discovering the damage done to the floor, I was extremely disheartened.  Titus worked so hard to install that floor, and we made such an effort at picking a floor that wouldn't be destroyed by Jacque.  Yet the floor has already experienced so much trauma in its short life.  I don't think there is any way we can cover the dents caused by the shelf ruins without actually replacing the damaged planks.

The amount of sadness this shelf ruins caused me is slightly embarrassing.  I know it was just a shelf and it's just a floor and I shouldn't care about material things.  But it wasn't the loss of random items I owned that was so sad.  It was the hard work Titus took installing the floor, the way I decorated the shelf with items that held meaning and not useless junk, and that I was finally convinced to splurge on the picture I had been wanted for so long just for it all to be destroyed.

In my fit of despair, there is a chance I might have thrown out the random, "Nothing ever goes right" or "God hates me," as if my shelf life is equivalent in value to clean drinking water.  Somehow Titus avoided telling me to get a grip, which I'm sure he was happy that I was able to do by the next morning.

Anyway, big pile of crap, life goes on, lesson learned.  If you are getting a new roof, remove everything from your exterior walls, or you may end up unworthily questioning the Big Guy.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Raining Shingle Depris

Our roof is completely falling apart (which you might remember me mentioning here).  Every time it rains more of our roof falls off.  Somehow the little rocks that each shingle is covered with has cracked and comes pouring down our downspout onto our walkway.

Leaving behind a path of crappy organic shingle depris.

The absence of the shingle-rock-cover-layer (that's what it's called) has caused the whole south facing side of our house's shingles curl up creating a uniquely trashy look.

Titus took down a shingle to send to the company as proof of how terrible their shingles are. Both Titus and a contractor said that our roof could start leaking any day with the terrible shape the shingles are in.

Luckily a random contractor from Galvin Home Renovations Inc. came by our house and told us they could help us out.  Pretty much every house in our neighborhood has these self destructing shingles, so the hood is a bit of a contractor's heaven right now.  However, I would like to say our contractor has appeared to be the most awesome of all that have come to the area.  He even came by when our insurance person stopped over to show her how terrible the roof was damaged.  They also pulled a permit preroofing which we hear others did not do.  Lawbreakers.  Another notable awesomeness from the contractor is that they gave us money to put toward our insurance deductible for putting their big bad sign in our yard.  Happy to oblige.

 It only took about a week after the insurance person stopped by to get our first check in the mail to start the roofing process.  The contractor sent us a few addresses of houses with known shingle colors to help us pick the color we would want.  We decided on Onyx Black which would be slightly darker than our existing shingles, but would not appear completely black.

Titus had to send the contractor some sort of paper work and about two days later we were scheduled for a full house shingling.  The roofers arrived after we left for work in the morning, and were just finishing up when we got home around 3:40pm that night.  Titus couldn't believe how fast they were.  I couldn't be happier with how awesome the contractor was to work with and how quickly they got the job done. 

It might be hard to tell since the curling shingles in the before picture makes them look slightly darker than they actually are, but the Onyx Black shingles added a significant amount of contrast compared to the old decomposing ones. 




Check that beast off the list for another 25.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Color Me Happy

As the trio updates are coming to a very slow close, we are finally able to start adding some actual decor around the joint.  First up, the clock you got saw a spoiler of a few weeks ago...

I was planning on hanging a large framed print up there, but the brilliant Titus suggested something round.  My sister gave me this clock for my birthday last year and we think it looks awesome here.  It is turquoise and ivory with some distressing.  It rules.

Since we stole the clock from it's previous home on the dining room wall, we needing to find something to replace it.  We got a 46" long Ekby Hemnes floating shelf from Ikea for $19.99 which is a floating shelf steal if you ask me.  We bought it in black-brown which goes well with the other dark wood and the oil rubbed bronze curtain rod and light fixture.  Yes, those are beautiful Ikat curtains that I made all by myself from Robert Allen's Home Khanjali Peacock Fabric.  No, I don't have a better picture of them but I will get one, because they are made from the most amazing fabric I have ever seen.

Back to the shelf.  For a while the shelf was just a bare home for random decor until I nailed down everything I wanted to add to it.

The yellow urn you see is from Amazon (I would link you but they are all sold out (since it is so awesome, you know (parenthetical within parenthetical within parenthetical.  Impressive)).  It's brand is Urban Trends), however, it has since been relocated to the counter.

The black frame is size 20 x 30.  My plan was to purchase a picture that would be matted into that frame, however, it did not take up nearly as much space as I was hoping.

So I ended up purchasing the picture I wanted in size 20 x 30 and buying a larger frame matted to that size.  I actually couldn't find a frame that size in white, so I just purchased a black frame and spray painted it white.  I had been dreaming of this picture for months but couldn't bring myself to actually dish out the dough until I actually saw the smaller frame and could better visualize which size I would be needing.  The picture added so much color to a very neutral space.

I also added a few more milk glass vases which were our wedding centerpieces.  The yellow 'love life' picture on the right is from the dust jacket of a book I bought on Amazon.  The Peacock blue Fiesta serving platter was a wedding gift, and this is likely the only way it will ever be used at the rate I cook.  The white pitcher is Martha Stewart brand from Macy's and was a wedding gift, as were the stacked serving dishes to the pitcher's right, your left.  The pointy yellow ceramic thing on the far left is from Home Goods.  If you look closely you can also see our tiny vintage wedding cake topper next to our unity candle on the far right.

Basically this shelf is filled with colorful happy accessories, and items from our wedding.  I love decorating with things that hold meaning to us, as opposed to random stuff.

The large vase on the table is from Amazon as well.  It is out of stock but it's brand is Home Decorator's Collection, in case it comes back in the future.

What do you all think?  Do you approve of our neutral color scheme using accessories for pops of color?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Orange You Glad I Love Painting?

After painting all the upstairs trim and baseboards Swiss Coffee, our majestic hollow core interior doors were a bit of an orange eye sore swimming in a Swiss Coffee abyss.

Ideally Titus and I would be lounging in an abundance of cash that we could throw at some new solid six panel beauties, but that is not the case.   So we opted to put my amazing spray paint gun through another round of Swiss Coffee.

To prepare for painting, I removed all the door knobs.  I then removed the hinges from the frames, then the hinges from the doors.  Why would I remove the hinges from the frames?  Because they are goldish which goes lovely with orange, but not so awesomely with Swiss Coffee. 

I labeled all our doors so we could brainlessly put them back into place after they were painted.  I did this by writing a very cryptic code on middle hinge area of each door then covering it with masking tape so it didn't get painted over.

After labeling the doors, I considered, for an embarrassingly long period of time, not sanding the doors.  I then established that it would be completely irresponsible for me to skip that step when dealing with such a large shiny surface.  So I crabbily brought the doors onto the front lawn for all the neighbors to admire my hard work while I painstakingly sanded each and every door.  I also took this opportunity to sand down the tops of some of the doors that were rubbing some of the paint off the top of their door frames.

Two gallons of sweat and three cubic feet of sawdust later, the doors were sanded.  I wiped each door off twice with a damp rag, and dragged them into the plastic wrapped garage, which had been prepared by my lovely Titus.

Apparently I didn't get a before picture, but here are the doors with some primer, or paint, or something.  Each door was laid on a scrap piece of 2x4 to raise it above the plastic to avoid sticking. (even the doors on the long perpendicular boards in the front row had smaller 2x4s hidden underneath so they weren't touching the long boards).  In the past we had had issues when flipping the door in that the newly painted side would stick to the 2x4 and damage the new paint.  However, smart Titus thought of the ingenious idea of putting parchment paper between the painted door and the 2x4 which worked brilliantly.

When priming and painted the doors, I used the exact same primer, paint, and process as when I painted the cabinets here.  The extra doors you probably didn't notice in the pic above are the pantry door, the entryway closet doors, and the headboard before it became joyfully yellow.

Next step: painting the goldish hinges.  I have been known to be a hinge painting failures, but I was certain these door hinges would love spray paint since they experience much less friction than the cabinet hinges.  The hinges were to be painted Rust-oleum Hammered Paint & Primer In One in Silver.  I would also be painting the goldish screws the accompany the hinges.

I decided to not clean the hinges because I was really warm and there was a lot of Swiss Coffee overspray polluting the air which you can see causing the fogginess of this picture.  I then laid the hinges on some long wood pieces and lined the screws up along a seam on the cardboard so they wouldn't roll all over.

I sprayed two light coats of paint all over the tops of the hinges on along the top and sides.

After curing for one full day, I flipped the hinges and painted two light coats on the back of the hinges.  I was completely amazed by how the paint textured itself after being sprayed on.  It reminded me of cottage cheese.

After a day of hinge curing, and a couple days of Swiss Coffee curing, the doors were ready to be hung back up. 

 Now our hallways is bright and beautiful and we have nearly removed all things honey oak from the upstairs.  Now, just to get those balusters painted, and throw some stain on the fireplace surround.  Until then here are your befores and afters.

The hinges are working great and haven't been damaged at all.  If this changes I'll be sure to update everyone!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two Birds

After painting the master bedroom Silver Drop a couple weeks ago, it in dire need of some color.  Coincidentally, since buying my king bed three years ago, I have been in dire need of a new headboard. 

So today I will kill both these birds with the stone below.

Our stone is a huge, old, solid wood, heavily stained, and amazingly awesome door.  We got the door for a $50 at Bauer Brothers Salvage.  The door's panels are symmetric, which was a requirement for me, and it was 90" long which was 8" longer than the width of our bed.

After we snatched it up, I took about 4 months to pick the color I wanted to paint it.  After picking the color I cleaned the dirt off the door with a wet rag then brought it outside for the usual spraying of Benjamin Moore Fresh Start primer.  It took appropriately four coats of primer to cover all the years of staining this door has endured.

After a day of drying, Titus and I carried the door downstairs to my elaborate painting station for some color.

Since the paint sprayer was being used to (Spoiler Alert) paint the interior doors Swiss Coffee, I would be painting this door the old fashioned way.  With my trusty Purdy angle brush and foam roller.  I first painted the grooves with the paint brush, then rolled all the flat panels.  Oh and what color did I use?  Sunflower by Valspar with an eggshell finish.  I almost wish I had used semi gloss.  Almost.

It only took two coats thanks to the heavy priming.  It ended up super, amazingly, beautifully bright.  I was so excited to hang this beast above the bed.

And by that of course I mean Titus would hang it above the bed while I watched The Bachelorette on the bed, helping only when completely necessary.

To hang the headboard he first found the studs.  He then marked the studs with masking tape above where the top of the headboard would be (and below the bottom), so that when we held the headboard up, he would still be able to see the masking tape, therefore knowing where the studs were. He then drew a horizontal line, with the help of our laser level, where the top of the headboard should be.  I then paused The Bachelorette and helped him hold the headboard up while he screwed straight through the headboard into the studs.  He screwed two screws into each stud.

See that masking tape on the wall above.  That is where the studs were... there and also holding the level up.

After the headboard was completely secured, we moved the bed and all the furniture back to observe our amazing new pop of color. 

It really brings out Pluto's fir doesn't it?  Love it.  And it hasn't fallen on our heads and killed us yet!

The usual befores and afters:

Don't worry, Jacque's bed did make it back to the room later that night.