Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Color Me Happy

As the trio updates are coming to a very slow close, we are finally able to start adding some actual decor around the joint.  First up, the clock you got saw a spoiler of a few weeks ago...

I was planning on hanging a large framed print up there, but the brilliant Titus suggested something round.  My sister gave me this clock for my birthday last year and we think it looks awesome here.  It is turquoise and ivory with some distressing.  It rules.

Since we stole the clock from it's previous home on the dining room wall, we needing to find something to replace it.  We got a 46" long Ekby Hemnes floating shelf from Ikea for $19.99 which is a floating shelf steal if you ask me.  We bought it in black-brown which goes well with the other dark wood and the oil rubbed bronze curtain rod and light fixture.  Yes, those are beautiful Ikat curtains that I made all by myself from Robert Allen's Home Khanjali Peacock Fabric.  No, I don't have a better picture of them but I will get one, because they are made from the most amazing fabric I have ever seen.

Back to the shelf.  For a while the shelf was just a bare home for random decor until I nailed down everything I wanted to add to it.

The yellow urn you see is from Amazon (I would link you but they are all sold out (since it is so awesome, you know (parenthetical within parenthetical within parenthetical.  Impressive)).  It's brand is Urban Trends), however, it has since been relocated to the counter.

The black frame is size 20 x 30.  My plan was to purchase a picture that would be matted into that frame, however, it did not take up nearly as much space as I was hoping.

So I ended up purchasing the picture I wanted in size 20 x 30 and buying a larger frame matted to that size.  I actually couldn't find a frame that size in white, so I just purchased a black frame and spray painted it white.  I had been dreaming of this picture for months but couldn't bring myself to actually dish out the dough until I actually saw the smaller frame and could better visualize which size I would be needing.  The picture added so much color to a very neutral space.

I also added a few more milk glass vases which were our wedding centerpieces.  The yellow 'love life' picture on the right is from the dust jacket of a book I bought on Amazon.  The Peacock blue Fiesta serving platter was a wedding gift, and this is likely the only way it will ever be used at the rate I cook.  The white pitcher is Martha Stewart brand from Macy's and was a wedding gift, as were the stacked serving dishes to the pitcher's right, your left.  The pointy yellow ceramic thing on the far left is from Home Goods.  If you look closely you can also see our tiny vintage wedding cake topper next to our unity candle on the far right.

Basically this shelf is filled with colorful happy accessories, and items from our wedding.  I love decorating with things that hold meaning to us, as opposed to random stuff.

The large vase on the table is from Amazon as well.  It is out of stock but it's brand is Home Decorator's Collection, in case it comes back in the future.

What do you all think?  Do you approve of our neutral color scheme using accessories for pops of color?


  1. It looks amazing!!! And all the items have special meaning. Did any of them make it through the roofing project?

    1. You shall find out very soon. Tear.

  2. I'd like to think it was all that Java coding that prepared you to handle such parenthetical depths.

    1. I know. I don't know what I would do without my extensive Java knowledge.