Monday, August 27, 2012

Crazy Lady

Last week I shared our beautiful new roof with you guys.  When we came home on roofing day, the first thing I did was gauk over the beautiful new roof.  The second thing I did was walk into the house to this:

The beautiful shelf that I just had the joy of showing to you last week had fallen to the aggressive hands of our roofers.  Unintentional of course.  Never did it cross my mind that I should beware of potential damage to items hung on exterior walls. 

I'm guessing the giant unsecured leaning picture was the catalyst.  The frame and glass was destroyed on impact.  The shattered glass destroyed the picture I had been so hesitant to purchase by scratching it in a few locations. 

The scratches are fairly small so I plan to reuse the picture in a new frame.  Sadly the frame wasn't cheap due to its size.

The picture took the two stacked milk glass bowls with it.  It also took the decrative bowls and pitcher.  Miraculously only one of the three bowls shattered.  The Martha Stewart pitcher was ruined, as was... the floor.

Worst news ever.  As if the shattered wedding memory remains weren't enough, the shards also caused extreme damage to our floor.  The shattered glass caused several clusters of small scratches.

As well as a couple huge dents caused by the larger heavy objects.

These damages are whole lot more noticeable than the damage caused by the irresponsible counter top installers.  Luckily the damage is behind the table instead of in the middle of the floor.

I must confess, after discovering the damage done to the floor, I was extremely disheartened.  Titus worked so hard to install that floor, and we made such an effort at picking a floor that wouldn't be destroyed by Jacque.  Yet the floor has already experienced so much trauma in its short life.  I don't think there is any way we can cover the dents caused by the shelf ruins without actually replacing the damaged planks.

The amount of sadness this shelf ruins caused me is slightly embarrassing.  I know it was just a shelf and it's just a floor and I shouldn't care about material things.  But it wasn't the loss of random items I owned that was so sad.  It was the hard work Titus took installing the floor, the way I decorated the shelf with items that held meaning and not useless junk, and that I was finally convinced to splurge on the picture I had been wanted for so long just for it all to be destroyed.

In my fit of despair, there is a chance I might have thrown out the random, "Nothing ever goes right" or "God hates me," as if my shelf life is equivalent in value to clean drinking water.  Somehow Titus avoided telling me to get a grip, which I'm sure he was happy that I was able to do by the next morning.

Anyway, big pile of crap, life goes on, lesson learned.  If you are getting a new roof, remove everything from your exterior walls, or you may end up unworthily questioning the Big Guy.


  1. The Big Guy loves you!!!
    There will be many character building opportunities in life. Looks like you passed this test successfully!!

  2. I've just started to read your blog. Very funny and helpful too!

  3. Just started reading your blog. Very funny and helpful too!

  4. Thanks Darcy! I'm glad you found it and like it!