Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Raining Shingle Depris

Our roof is completely falling apart (which you might remember me mentioning here).  Every time it rains more of our roof falls off.  Somehow the little rocks that each shingle is covered with has cracked and comes pouring down our downspout onto our walkway.

Leaving behind a path of crappy organic shingle depris.

The absence of the shingle-rock-cover-layer (that's what it's called) has caused the whole south facing side of our house's shingles curl up creating a uniquely trashy look.

Titus took down a shingle to send to the company as proof of how terrible their shingles are. Both Titus and a contractor said that our roof could start leaking any day with the terrible shape the shingles are in.

Luckily a random contractor from Galvin Home Renovations Inc. came by our house and told us they could help us out.  Pretty much every house in our neighborhood has these self destructing shingles, so the hood is a bit of a contractor's heaven right now.  However, I would like to say our contractor has appeared to be the most awesome of all that have come to the area.  He even came by when our insurance person stopped over to show her how terrible the roof was damaged.  They also pulled a permit preroofing which we hear others did not do.  Lawbreakers.  Another notable awesomeness from the contractor is that they gave us money to put toward our insurance deductible for putting their big bad sign in our yard.  Happy to oblige.

 It only took about a week after the insurance person stopped by to get our first check in the mail to start the roofing process.  The contractor sent us a few addresses of houses with known shingle colors to help us pick the color we would want.  We decided on Onyx Black which would be slightly darker than our existing shingles, but would not appear completely black.

Titus had to send the contractor some sort of paper work and about two days later we were scheduled for a full house shingling.  The roofers arrived after we left for work in the morning, and were just finishing up when we got home around 3:40pm that night.  Titus couldn't believe how fast they were.  I couldn't be happier with how awesome the contractor was to work with and how quickly they got the job done. 

It might be hard to tell since the curling shingles in the before picture makes them look slightly darker than they actually are, but the Onyx Black shingles added a significant amount of contrast compared to the old decomposing ones. 




Check that beast off the list for another 25.

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  1. Nice work. The shingles look good!!
    I'll know where to check the next time I need shingles :)