Friday, August 17, 2012

Orange You Glad I Love Painting?

After painting all the upstairs trim and baseboards Swiss Coffee, our majestic hollow core interior doors were a bit of an orange eye sore swimming in a Swiss Coffee abyss.

Ideally Titus and I would be lounging in an abundance of cash that we could throw at some new solid six panel beauties, but that is not the case.   So we opted to put my amazing spray paint gun through another round of Swiss Coffee.

To prepare for painting, I removed all the door knobs.  I then removed the hinges from the frames, then the hinges from the doors.  Why would I remove the hinges from the frames?  Because they are goldish which goes lovely with orange, but not so awesomely with Swiss Coffee. 

I labeled all our doors so we could brainlessly put them back into place after they were painted.  I did this by writing a very cryptic code on middle hinge area of each door then covering it with masking tape so it didn't get painted over.

After labeling the doors, I considered, for an embarrassingly long period of time, not sanding the doors.  I then established that it would be completely irresponsible for me to skip that step when dealing with such a large shiny surface.  So I crabbily brought the doors onto the front lawn for all the neighbors to admire my hard work while I painstakingly sanded each and every door.  I also took this opportunity to sand down the tops of some of the doors that were rubbing some of the paint off the top of their door frames.

Two gallons of sweat and three cubic feet of sawdust later, the doors were sanded.  I wiped each door off twice with a damp rag, and dragged them into the plastic wrapped garage, which had been prepared by my lovely Titus.

Apparently I didn't get a before picture, but here are the doors with some primer, or paint, or something.  Each door was laid on a scrap piece of 2x4 to raise it above the plastic to avoid sticking. (even the doors on the long perpendicular boards in the front row had smaller 2x4s hidden underneath so they weren't touching the long boards).  In the past we had had issues when flipping the door in that the newly painted side would stick to the 2x4 and damage the new paint.  However, smart Titus thought of the ingenious idea of putting parchment paper between the painted door and the 2x4 which worked brilliantly.

When priming and painted the doors, I used the exact same primer, paint, and process as when I painted the cabinets here.  The extra doors you probably didn't notice in the pic above are the pantry door, the entryway closet doors, and the headboard before it became joyfully yellow.

Next step: painting the goldish hinges.  I have been known to be a hinge painting failures, but I was certain these door hinges would love spray paint since they experience much less friction than the cabinet hinges.  The hinges were to be painted Rust-oleum Hammered Paint & Primer In One in Silver.  I would also be painting the goldish screws the accompany the hinges.

I decided to not clean the hinges because I was really warm and there was a lot of Swiss Coffee overspray polluting the air which you can see causing the fogginess of this picture.  I then laid the hinges on some long wood pieces and lined the screws up along a seam on the cardboard so they wouldn't roll all over.

I sprayed two light coats of paint all over the tops of the hinges on along the top and sides.

After curing for one full day, I flipped the hinges and painted two light coats on the back of the hinges.  I was completely amazed by how the paint textured itself after being sprayed on.  It reminded me of cottage cheese.

After a day of hinge curing, and a couple days of Swiss Coffee curing, the doors were ready to be hung back up. 

 Now our hallways is bright and beautiful and we have nearly removed all things honey oak from the upstairs.  Now, just to get those balusters painted, and throw some stain on the fireplace surround.  Until then here are your befores and afters.

The hinges are working great and haven't been damaged at all.  If this changes I'll be sure to update everyone!

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  1. Looks great, Ash. I like the way the paint textured the hinges. And you painted the screws too!!! The complete package.
    Nice work :)