Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pounding out Pillows

A couple weeks ago, I painted our master and guest bedrooms Silver Drop.  I loved the neutral color and how much it brightened the rooms up.  However, the new paint did suck a lot of color out of the rooms.  The bedroom got the first color kick when I added a yellow headboard.

With the gray walls and the new bright yellow headboard, the brown bed skirt and pillows didn't really go anymore.  So I ventured to Joann Fabric and bought a couple fabrics and sewed myself some pillow.

I made two euro pillows around the inserts of the pillow I already had on the bed.  I just took off their shams and sewed a square all the way around them.  I figured they would be easy enough to cut back out if I ever wanted a new cover in the future.  Also, that was really the only way I knew how to make a pillow. 
The two smaller pillows were made with that fluffy pillow filling.  I'm not totally in love with the little pillows so they might end up moving.  I would actually like to make a long cylindrical pillow which would run the whole width of the bed, but that seems difficult.  Since our bed is a king size, I also think it would improve the look significantly if I were to make one more euro pillow.

When I was at Joann I also picked up some fabric for the completely color free guest bedroom.  These shams were sewed the same way I had in the master by using an insert from the previously seen peach euro shams.  I absolutely love the fabric I used for these pillows.  They are such a great bright blue and I love the pattern.  The actually added even more color than I thought they would.

I would still like to add more pillows to this room to add even more color.  Obviously some art on the walls would be a huge improvement, as well.  Until then...
Before and after for the guest bedroom...

 And for the brown free master bedroom:  (I also added a navy bed skirt to match the navy euro shams!)

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