Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two Birds

After painting the master bedroom Silver Drop a couple weeks ago, it in dire need of some color.  Coincidentally, since buying my king bed three years ago, I have been in dire need of a new headboard. 

So today I will kill both these birds with the stone below.

Our stone is a huge, old, solid wood, heavily stained, and amazingly awesome door.  We got the door for a $50 at Bauer Brothers Salvage.  The door's panels are symmetric, which was a requirement for me, and it was 90" long which was 8" longer than the width of our bed.

After we snatched it up, I took about 4 months to pick the color I wanted to paint it.  After picking the color I cleaned the dirt off the door with a wet rag then brought it outside for the usual spraying of Benjamin Moore Fresh Start primer.  It took appropriately four coats of primer to cover all the years of staining this door has endured.

After a day of drying, Titus and I carried the door downstairs to my elaborate painting station for some color.

Since the paint sprayer was being used to (Spoiler Alert) paint the interior doors Swiss Coffee, I would be painting this door the old fashioned way.  With my trusty Purdy angle brush and foam roller.  I first painted the grooves with the paint brush, then rolled all the flat panels.  Oh and what color did I use?  Sunflower by Valspar with an eggshell finish.  I almost wish I had used semi gloss.  Almost.

It only took two coats thanks to the heavy priming.  It ended up super, amazingly, beautifully bright.  I was so excited to hang this beast above the bed.

And by that of course I mean Titus would hang it above the bed while I watched The Bachelorette on the bed, helping only when completely necessary.

To hang the headboard he first found the studs.  He then marked the studs with masking tape above where the top of the headboard would be (and below the bottom), so that when we held the headboard up, he would still be able to see the masking tape, therefore knowing where the studs were. He then drew a horizontal line, with the help of our laser level, where the top of the headboard should be.  I then paused The Bachelorette and helped him hold the headboard up while he screwed straight through the headboard into the studs.  He screwed two screws into each stud.

See that masking tape on the wall above.  That is where the studs were... there and also holding the level up.

After the headboard was completely secured, we moved the bed and all the furniture back to observe our amazing new pop of color. 

It really brings out Pluto's fir doesn't it?  Love it.  And it hasn't fallen on our heads and killed us yet!

The usual befores and afters:

Don't worry, Jacque's bed did make it back to the room later that night.

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