Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting Around

After a long absence I bring you all a random display of trio updates.  First off, our pantry finally gets a door!  The last time you saw our pantry, it was a beautiful yet doorless display of food.

Now we have a beautiful six panel door that matches our amazing white cabinets.  Oh look, the door even has trim around it.  Bonus.

It is certainly nice having a less cluttered looking kitchen now that we finally have a complete and super useful pantry.  Just for fun here is a before and after from the very beginning: (apparently I didn't know how to get a good angle on this wall for my before pictures)

In other door news, we painted the entryway closet door at the same time we painted the pantry door, and finally got up to hanging that bifolding beast.  Now all our upstairs doors are painted and up!

In disaster recovery news, we have replaced some of the shelf items tragically lost during our roofing process a couple weeks ago.  We first started with our shelf looking like this:

Then devastation struck and the shelf looked like this:

I went out and bought and repainted a new picture frame for the colorful carnival art, added some books and a relocated milkglass vase on the left side of the shelf, and bought a new white pitcher from Target to replace our broken Martha pitcher. 

I can't say I'm in love with the stack of books on the left, but they are all I have to add height at this point.  Hopefully I can find some more milk glass vases at the thrift store in the near future.

I also promised you all a better picture of the curtains.  Turns out this still isn't that great of a picture, but at least you can see more of the Ikat pattern.  Maybe someday I'll get a good picture.  Ignore the lattice on our deck, not our choice.  Oh, what's that on the left?  Railing spoiler alert.

Thanks for sticking with me during my slow blog weeks! 

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