Friday, September 21, 2012

Pigs Fly

Remember way back in May when I stained the railing and claimed that I was going to paint the balusters?  Probably not since it was so long ago, but this is pretty much where I left you...

I actually started priming the balusters back in May the day we got the new counters.  However, priming and painting those things took forever.  In an hour I was only able to prime or paint one coat on twelve balusters.  Knowing that the balusters would need at least one coat of primer, and one coat of paint was very unmotivated to me.  So painting these balusters took me three full months to complete.  And here is how I did it...

As usual, I started by not sanding, because I was so tired of sanding this railing.  Then, I taped around every edge of every baluster with Frog tape which has special paint keeper outer technology.  I primed each baluster using my favorite Purdy 1.5" brush and Benjamin Moore's Fresh Start All-Purpose Primer making sure to not have any drips.  It was actually moderately difficult getting enough coverage over the shiny baluster poly, but it was totally worth not sanding.

After the primer had dried, no orange came through, which to me meant one coat of primer would be sufficient.   It took me approximately two months to finish priming working on and off.  I'm fairly certain they recommend you paint over primer within 48 hours, however, I had a uncharacteristic momentary episode of procrastination and the balusters sat primed for up to two months.

When motivation finally struck I started the first coat of paint.  I began to apply the same Behr Swiss Coffee in semi gloss that the rest of the white woodwork in the upstairs is covered in.

Seeing the paint on the first baluster gave me my second wind.  I could finally see in real life what I had only been able to imagine for so long.

One month and 66 balusters later, I was done painting.  It was time to remove the Frog tape (which claims it is only affective for a couple weeks).  I was incredibly worried the paint would have leaked under the tape, since that is always what has happened in my past experience with regular old blue painter's tape, however, Frog tape and their super secret technology gave me hope.

When removing my first strip of tape, the paint began peeling off the baluster with the tape.  Not unexpected.  To remedy this, I just used a knife to cut around all four edges of the balusters before removing the rest of the tape.  This method worked wonderfully.  When all of the tape had been removed I stepped back and admired my most amazing accomplishment in my home-ownership history.  I cried.  So ridiculously worth it.

There are no words people.

The very rewarding before, middle, and after:

Now to get rid of whats left of that yellow wall...

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  1. The balusters look really great. Well worth the time!!