Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ignoring the Death that is Fall

The last time you saw our living room there was an awkwardly placed mirror sitting behind the couch.

The huge amazing Ikea mirror was since moved into the master bedroom, which you can see in this terribly colored picture below.

After seeing this awesome above couch picture setup on Young House Love, I thought a similar set up would look great above our couch.

So I browsed Etsy until I found a set of pictures that I loved.  My favorites were the following three pictures from bomobob which is who I also purchased the amazing picture in the kitchen from.

Horizon (can't find it in the store anymore), Lighter Than Air, and Popcorn:

I purchased them as 4" by 4" pictures in his bomobo's any four 4" x 4" picture package.

Titus and I then made a trip to Ikea to pick up three huge, white, 20" x 20"  Ribba frames for $19.99 each.  Then, I picked up some burlap from Joann Fabric to pick up some burlap for behind the pictures.

When framing the pictures, I simply cut out some burlap big enough to fill the opening of the mat in the frame.  I then duct taped the burlap to the back of the mat.  Last, I duct taped the 4" x 4" picture to the middle of the burlap.  There is probably a better method since the duct tape doesn't stick very securely to the burlap, but this method is still working for me.

I love how colorful each of the pictures turned out... so summery and warm and not Fall like.  The burlap also adds some subtle texture to the room.  Here is a close up of what Horizon looks like.

Lighter Than Air is definitely my favorite picture, so naturally it got the highly sought after center location.

Popcorn is awesomely summery, so I can be reminded of what how awesome summer is during these months of fall plant death.

When hanging the pictures, I first hung the center picture about two inches above the shelf of the board and batten, centered above the couch (not centered on the actual wall).  To hang the other two pictures, I measured equal distance from the nail I hung the center picture on and used a level to assure they hung at the same height.  Each of the pictures is hung about an inch apart.

I love the brightness the frames add to the wall.  And of course the beloved symmetry that was so very missed when the mirror was hanging out behind the couch.

The lovely before and after:

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