Thursday, December 27, 2012

Touring the Brewery: Christmas Edition

Merry late Christmas from the Brewery!  Today you get your Tour of the Brewery, Christmas style.

Up first is the living room, which houses our big tree.  It is prelit with multicolor LEDs, wrapped in tinsel, and decorated on all 360 degrees since it is seen from all sides (the back faces the trio).  Even though Jacque's tail is down, he really does love the tree.  He was just wishes he could open his presents.

I have to move the ancient recliner over so the tree fits right into the railing corner. 

The shelves around the TV also get into the Christmas spirit.  My Disney Village lives on the left shelf along with some other random decor.

The shelf to the right of the TV has my Willow Tree nativity, which I added a tree and candle to since I have just begun to collect the various pieces to the set.  Below the nativity is a Santa, some real deer antlers, then my favorite candle snowman and Santa from my mom which sit on a small cake platter, and some more Santa and reindeer mumbo jumbo.

The Disney Village is probably my favorite decoration.  It is super colorful and cheerful.  I added some books under some of the houses to add height, and you can also spot a mini Hillcrest High School in the middle of the middle shelf.

Titus just gave me the Cinderella Castle on the bottom shelf which was only sold from 1995-1997 and even has a mini Tink.  Love it.

The mantle has a new white mirror above it.  I also added some large glass candle holders to the left side which are from World Market.  I made the yarn ball garland which is hanging by fishing line.  That stocking on the right is my childhood stocking made by my mom.

The pear is from Home Goods and the I also made the trees by wrapping yarn around cardboard cones from Michael's.

The tiny Santa stuck on the brue was my Great Grandma Huffman's.

Down in the trio our stag got himself a scarf for the season.

And the table got a new centerpiece.  I actually added our leaf to the table so it fills the room a little better now.  However, the runner is now too short, so I need to find/make a new one.  The mercury glass candle holders are from Michael's (with coupons of course), the wreath is from Goodwill (but I think it was originally from Target), the candle holder in the center of the wreath is a candy jar from our wedding, and the milkglass cake plate was scored from the Salvation Army.

The kitchen shelf also got into the Christmas spirit, with some new glass candle holders on the left, some glittery branches in the vase, and some faux snow-globes I DIYed next to the pitcher.  The goblet vases also got some cheap Target dollar section bulbs in them.

The snow-globes were made using two jars I already owned.  I first sprayed the lids light blue, then glued some village trees from Michael's to the bottom of the new blue lids.  I also added a candy cane ornament to the larger jar for some color.

The only decor the kitchen got was an ornament wreath I made for the pantry door, hung with a pink ribbon. 

The downstairs was where most of the light action was at.  The elevator doors (spoiler alert) were surrounded by our multi color lit garland which I used to wrap around the railing upstairs before its beautiful makeover.   I really missed having the garland along the railing this year, but I refused to risk damaging the railing that took me three months to throw down.

The media stand got my old college mini fiberoptic tree, a nativity on the bottom shelf, and a Vikings Santa on the top shelf.  The apothecary jar also got some multicolored Target dollar section bulb ornaments as a filler.

Below the death windows, I set up my second tree, which has multicolor non LED lights, some silver tinsel, and plane old multicolored bulbs.

On the stand next to the couch, I put the amazing mirror tray find from Goodwill I got last week.  On it sit two candle holders from Michael's, two tea light holders from Target, and an awesome milk glass oil lamp. 

That concludes the very first Christmas Edition of Touring the Brewery.  Merry Christmas!!


After all that downstairs trim painting it was time for some new wall paint.  Even though I had slaved over painting the stripes a few years ago, I was ready to move on to cooler tones.

The yellow above the chair rail was even more yellow than the trio had been.  I wasn't a fan even when I painted it on.  I kept it for three years out of guilt.

The family room was actually the very first room I ever painted.  It took place before I knew about the beauty of a Purdy brush.  The ceiling was evidence of the poor performance of a cheap brush.

It was basically lined in yellow paint and also random yellow smudges past the edge.  I wasn't yet painting at an acceptable level.

So the first thing I did was to paint the ceiling with some basic ceiling paint.  I just used a brush to apply it, and was not careful around the edges since I would be painting the walls anyway.  A responsible home owner would have painted the whole ceiling so the edge didn't appear a slightly brighter white, but if anyone were to notice the slightly differing colors of my ceiling they can just leave.

Much better.  Should have done it three years ago.

Next up was the wall paint.  I chose Benjamin Moore Moonshine for the top color and Gray Horse for the bottom color.  They are gray with a greenish bluish undertone.  I loved the extra blue undertone which I why I went with these grays instead of matching them to the Silver Sateen in the trio.

I used the same method I always use for painting which is to cut in with my lovely 1.5" Purdy brush, and then roll with my Purdy roller.

To paint the area above the chair rail in both the family room and the computer room took me about five hours. The lower section went faster since the baseboards had been removed for painting so I only had to cut in three edges.  It took around four hours for that section.

After I had painted the walls, I also hung a frame gallery on the stairwell wall.  It was a very large bare wall previously, and I had a million differnt frames waiting to be hung.

In the mix was a mask we bought on our honeymoon.  A few wedding pictures, including some that were previously hang above the upstairs fireplace.  There is a cardboard B which I spray painted in hammered silver spray paint.  A Disney castle picture which we got for free when we ate in Cinderella's Castle in January.  And of course some lovely empty frames waiting to be filled with meaningful art.

I will add some more afters on the holiday decor tour later, but here is a sneak peak and a wider view of the paint.  Sorry I took so few afters...  Also the lighting is terribly yellow as always... Minnesota needs a few more hours of daylight in the winter.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Take My Honey Without the Oak

Time to rid the house of another significant portion of honey oak.  So far, honey oak as been abolished from the upstairs and trio.  Well, other than the deadly dining room windows which will be removed...  Unfortunately the downstairs was still in full on honey oak mode as you may remember from its round of Touring the Brewery.

On the list for painting is the baseboards, chair rail, door and window trim, and doors.  The honey oak masking marathon began with some frog tape to protect the carpet and other things that didn't want to be painted.  I did not tape along the walls since I planned to paint the walls anyway.

I then filled all the previously disregarded nail holes with wood filler.  When the wood filler had dried, I sanded the areas smooth.  I did not sand any other part of the wood even though it had an overly glossy finish on it.  However, I did take the time to wipe off any dusty areas with some deglosser on a rag.

After all the wood was prepared, I applied a coat of my favorite primer, Benjamin Moore Fresh Start All-Purpose Primer.  For all this painting I used the same technique as I used when painting the trim upstairs.

There were some gaps which I later filled with caulk before painting.

Even though some of the stain did bleed through the primer, I decided to only apply one coat.  Mostly because it took about 8 hours to put on, so I didn't think I would survive another coat of primer and potentially two more coats of paint.  Additionally the paint I was using was Behr Premium which is a paint plus primer so I figured I would probably be safe.

Titus was super happy that we got to move the enormous entertainment center away from the wall so I could paint behind it.  He actually had to detach it from the wall and remove the top glass panel.  He is a hero.

Although you have never toured the computer room, you can see that I also painted the chair rail and trim in that room.  Luckily it only entailed one small window and a short amount of chair rail.

After the one coat of primer and some caulk, I applied a nice coat of the usual, Behr Premium in Swiss Coffee with a semi gloss finish.

It was pretty beautiful after one coat.  Lovely enough for me to stop at just one coat.  I think it would have been a good idea to apply a second coat, but my motivation was completely lacking after the sixteen hours of painting and followed by extensive knee pain.  Nobody knows why the non strenuous painting activity would cause this, but it does ok.

Titus removed all the baseboards and took them out to the garage where he painted them using the same using a purdy brush for the top edges and a foam roller for the flat parts.  No pictures to show his work...

Apparently, I also did not take the time to take a wider framed after picture, so you will just have to wait until I unveil the wall painting afters.  Killer suspense.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Art Brewery

Well look who decided to show up.  I'm back people.  Oh how I have missed you so.  Don't you all worry, in my time gone I have done so very much to the brewery. 

Starting with the sneak peak I left off with months ago with a final (poorly lit) board and batten picture...

I added a frame gallery going down the stairs above the new lovely board and batten.  The whole point of adding the board and batten to the stairs was to make the 1.5 story wall appear less huge and empty.  The addition of the gallery should help that even more, along with adding some visual interest.

I started by buying a bunch of white frames from Ikea, Target, and Michael's.  I then cut out magazine pages to represent the shape and dimensions of each frame to be hung. 

This allowed me to plan out the spacing and orientation of all the frames before punching holes in our lovely wall.

Once I was satisfied with the plan, I was able to just pound a nail into each piece of magazine paper.  Then, I obviously removed the paper and thew the frame up.

I tried to frame things that held meaning to Titus and me.  I did manage to find something to fill each frame, however, in some cases only temporarily.

Now for some mildly difficult to see closeups:

The red frame is actually cut out from a book jacket (the same used in the dining area) and says:  "I have found that if you love life, life will love you right back." - Arthur Rubinstein, which is brilliant.  The square frame with the weeds is from the etsy man I bought the pics above the couch from, and is backed with burlap, as well.  The silhouette is Jacque and is backed with one of those cardboard clothes boxes (that's not weird).  The blue wish come true print was a free postcard I got with another piece of art you will see later.

The big frame is some every popular paint chip art as a filler.  I would actually love to put something like this or this in it.  The frame of hearts was my paper anniversary gift to my husband which I explained here.

The Disney Castle picture was one of the two professional pictures I splurged on from our heavenly trip to Disney World trip this past January. The kissy picture from the wedding.  Above the kissy picture is a printout of a black dog emoticon that Titus and I use to represent Jacque when IMing each other at work.

Look at that cute little J emoticon.  Love him.

The frame on the left is some Java code from our wedding.  On the right is my favorite verse Isaiah 43:2.

The big frame on top has the esteemed pleasure of holding my Cocoa Clock circuit diagram which you may remember from here.  On the right is an awesome etsy piece my sister gave me for my birthday.  This is the what the blue post card from before came with.  This piece was particularly awesome to me because I am so highly affected by the sun... that which there is so little of these months.

The very much missed before and after: (terrible lighting on the before...)