Thursday, December 20, 2012

Art Brewery

Well look who decided to show up.  I'm back people.  Oh how I have missed you so.  Don't you all worry, in my time gone I have done so very much to the brewery. 

Starting with the sneak peak I left off with months ago with a final (poorly lit) board and batten picture...

I added a frame gallery going down the stairs above the new lovely board and batten.  The whole point of adding the board and batten to the stairs was to make the 1.5 story wall appear less huge and empty.  The addition of the gallery should help that even more, along with adding some visual interest.

I started by buying a bunch of white frames from Ikea, Target, and Michael's.  I then cut out magazine pages to represent the shape and dimensions of each frame to be hung. 

This allowed me to plan out the spacing and orientation of all the frames before punching holes in our lovely wall.

Once I was satisfied with the plan, I was able to just pound a nail into each piece of magazine paper.  Then, I obviously removed the paper and thew the frame up.

I tried to frame things that held meaning to Titus and me.  I did manage to find something to fill each frame, however, in some cases only temporarily.

Now for some mildly difficult to see closeups:

The red frame is actually cut out from a book jacket (the same used in the dining area) and says:  "I have found that if you love life, life will love you right back." - Arthur Rubinstein, which is brilliant.  The square frame with the weeds is from the etsy man I bought the pics above the couch from, and is backed with burlap, as well.  The silhouette is Jacque and is backed with one of those cardboard clothes boxes (that's not weird).  The blue wish come true print was a free postcard I got with another piece of art you will see later.

The big frame is some every popular paint chip art as a filler.  I would actually love to put something like this or this in it.  The frame of hearts was my paper anniversary gift to my husband which I explained here.

The Disney Castle picture was one of the two professional pictures I splurged on from our heavenly trip to Disney World trip this past January. The kissy picture from the wedding.  Above the kissy picture is a printout of a black dog emoticon that Titus and I use to represent Jacque when IMing each other at work.

Look at that cute little J emoticon.  Love him.

The frame on the left is some Java code from our wedding.  On the right is my favorite verse Isaiah 43:2.

The big frame on top has the esteemed pleasure of holding my Cocoa Clock circuit diagram which you may remember from here.  On the right is an awesome etsy piece my sister gave me for my birthday.  This is the what the blue post card from before came with.  This piece was particularly awesome to me because I am so highly affected by the sun... that which there is so little of these months.

The very much missed before and after: (terrible lighting on the before...)

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