Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Take My Honey Without the Oak

Time to rid the house of another significant portion of honey oak.  So far, honey oak as been abolished from the upstairs and trio.  Well, other than the deadly dining room windows which will be removed...  Unfortunately the downstairs was still in full on honey oak mode as you may remember from its round of Touring the Brewery.

On the list for painting is the baseboards, chair rail, door and window trim, and doors.  The honey oak masking marathon began with some frog tape to protect the carpet and other things that didn't want to be painted.  I did not tape along the walls since I planned to paint the walls anyway.

I then filled all the previously disregarded nail holes with wood filler.  When the wood filler had dried, I sanded the areas smooth.  I did not sand any other part of the wood even though it had an overly glossy finish on it.  However, I did take the time to wipe off any dusty areas with some deglosser on a rag.

After all the wood was prepared, I applied a coat of my favorite primer, Benjamin Moore Fresh Start All-Purpose Primer.  For all this painting I used the same technique as I used when painting the trim upstairs.

There were some gaps which I later filled with caulk before painting.

Even though some of the stain did bleed through the primer, I decided to only apply one coat.  Mostly because it took about 8 hours to put on, so I didn't think I would survive another coat of primer and potentially two more coats of paint.  Additionally the paint I was using was Behr Premium which is a paint plus primer so I figured I would probably be safe.

Titus was super happy that we got to move the enormous entertainment center away from the wall so I could paint behind it.  He actually had to detach it from the wall and remove the top glass panel.  He is a hero.

Although you have never toured the computer room, you can see that I also painted the chair rail and trim in that room.  Luckily it only entailed one small window and a short amount of chair rail.

After the one coat of primer and some caulk, I applied a nice coat of the usual, Behr Premium in Swiss Coffee with a semi gloss finish.

It was pretty beautiful after one coat.  Lovely enough for me to stop at just one coat.  I think it would have been a good idea to apply a second coat, but my motivation was completely lacking after the sixteen hours of painting and followed by extensive knee pain.  Nobody knows why the non strenuous painting activity would cause this, but it does ok.

Titus removed all the baseboards and took them out to the garage where he painted them using the same using a purdy brush for the top edges and a foam roller for the flat parts.  No pictures to show his work...

Apparently, I also did not take the time to take a wider framed after picture, so you will just have to wait until I unveil the wall painting afters.  Killer suspense.

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