Thursday, December 27, 2012


After all that downstairs trim painting it was time for some new wall paint.  Even though I had slaved over painting the stripes a few years ago, I was ready to move on to cooler tones.

The yellow above the chair rail was even more yellow than the trio had been.  I wasn't a fan even when I painted it on.  I kept it for three years out of guilt.

The family room was actually the very first room I ever painted.  It took place before I knew about the beauty of a Purdy brush.  The ceiling was evidence of the poor performance of a cheap brush.

It was basically lined in yellow paint and also random yellow smudges past the edge.  I wasn't yet painting at an acceptable level.

So the first thing I did was to paint the ceiling with some basic ceiling paint.  I just used a brush to apply it, and was not careful around the edges since I would be painting the walls anyway.  A responsible home owner would have painted the whole ceiling so the edge didn't appear a slightly brighter white, but if anyone were to notice the slightly differing colors of my ceiling they can just leave.

Much better.  Should have done it three years ago.

Next up was the wall paint.  I chose Benjamin Moore Moonshine for the top color and Gray Horse for the bottom color.  They are gray with a greenish bluish undertone.  I loved the extra blue undertone which I why I went with these grays instead of matching them to the Silver Sateen in the trio.

I used the same method I always use for painting which is to cut in with my lovely 1.5" Purdy brush, and then roll with my Purdy roller.

To paint the area above the chair rail in both the family room and the computer room took me about five hours. The lower section went faster since the baseboards had been removed for painting so I only had to cut in three edges.  It took around four hours for that section.

After I had painted the walls, I also hung a frame gallery on the stairwell wall.  It was a very large bare wall previously, and I had a million differnt frames waiting to be hung.

In the mix was a mask we bought on our honeymoon.  A few wedding pictures, including some that were previously hang above the upstairs fireplace.  There is a cardboard B which I spray painted in hammered silver spray paint.  A Disney castle picture which we got for free when we ate in Cinderella's Castle in January.  And of course some lovely empty frames waiting to be filled with meaningful art.

I will add some more afters on the holiday decor tour later, but here is a sneak peak and a wider view of the paint.  Sorry I took so few afters...  Also the lighting is terribly yellow as always... Minnesota needs a few more hours of daylight in the winter.

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