Thursday, December 27, 2012

Touring the Brewery: Christmas Edition

Merry late Christmas from the Brewery!  Today you get your Tour of the Brewery, Christmas style.

Up first is the living room, which houses our big tree.  It is prelit with multicolor LEDs, wrapped in tinsel, and decorated on all 360 degrees since it is seen from all sides (the back faces the trio).  Even though Jacque's tail is down, he really does love the tree.  He was just wishes he could open his presents.

I have to move the ancient recliner over so the tree fits right into the railing corner. 

The shelves around the TV also get into the Christmas spirit.  My Disney Village lives on the left shelf along with some other random decor.

The shelf to the right of the TV has my Willow Tree nativity, which I added a tree and candle to since I have just begun to collect the various pieces to the set.  Below the nativity is a Santa, some real deer antlers, then my favorite candle snowman and Santa from my mom which sit on a small cake platter, and some more Santa and reindeer mumbo jumbo.

The Disney Village is probably my favorite decoration.  It is super colorful and cheerful.  I added some books under some of the houses to add height, and you can also spot a mini Hillcrest High School in the middle of the middle shelf.

Titus just gave me the Cinderella Castle on the bottom shelf which was only sold from 1995-1997 and even has a mini Tink.  Love it.

The mantle has a new white mirror above it.  I also added some large glass candle holders to the left side which are from World Market.  I made the yarn ball garland which is hanging by fishing line.  That stocking on the right is my childhood stocking made by my mom.

The pear is from Home Goods and the I also made the trees by wrapping yarn around cardboard cones from Michael's.

The tiny Santa stuck on the brue was my Great Grandma Huffman's.

Down in the trio our stag got himself a scarf for the season.

And the table got a new centerpiece.  I actually added our leaf to the table so it fills the room a little better now.  However, the runner is now too short, so I need to find/make a new one.  The mercury glass candle holders are from Michael's (with coupons of course), the wreath is from Goodwill (but I think it was originally from Target), the candle holder in the center of the wreath is a candy jar from our wedding, and the milkglass cake plate was scored from the Salvation Army.

The kitchen shelf also got into the Christmas spirit, with some new glass candle holders on the left, some glittery branches in the vase, and some faux snow-globes I DIYed next to the pitcher.  The goblet vases also got some cheap Target dollar section bulbs in them.

The snow-globes were made using two jars I already owned.  I first sprayed the lids light blue, then glued some village trees from Michael's to the bottom of the new blue lids.  I also added a candy cane ornament to the larger jar for some color.

The only decor the kitchen got was an ornament wreath I made for the pantry door, hung with a pink ribbon. 

The downstairs was where most of the light action was at.  The elevator doors (spoiler alert) were surrounded by our multi color lit garland which I used to wrap around the railing upstairs before its beautiful makeover.   I really missed having the garland along the railing this year, but I refused to risk damaging the railing that took me three months to throw down.

The media stand got my old college mini fiberoptic tree, a nativity on the bottom shelf, and a Vikings Santa on the top shelf.  The apothecary jar also got some multicolored Target dollar section bulb ornaments as a filler.

Below the death windows, I set up my second tree, which has multicolor non LED lights, some silver tinsel, and plane old multicolored bulbs.

On the stand next to the couch, I put the amazing mirror tray find from Goodwill I got last week.  On it sit two candle holders from Michael's, two tea light holders from Target, and an awesome milk glass oil lamp. 

That concludes the very first Christmas Edition of Touring the Brewery.  Merry Christmas!!

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