Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I showed you our amazing new summer home last post and promised you some changes.  I have big design plans for this joint starting with these potential todos:

1.  Replace the pink and blue curtains (for some reason, to me, used fabric = unsanitary goods)
2.  Recover the dining area cushions (the existing fabric is in good shape, but unattractive (unnamed individuals told me I couldn't do this so I am out to prove them wrong (I love parentheticals)))
3.  Paint the cabinets (they have a weird gold strip in every door and I clearly love painting cabinets)
4.  Paint the walls (why do they default to muted pink pastel walls in all 90s campers?)
5.  Potentially add a new floor (there are some holes in the existing linoleum)
6.  Buy some bedding
7.  Add some awesome inexpensive camper friendly decor

To make this happen here are some ideas we are thinking of right now... (well mostly me, Titus just wants to go camping)


1.  Replace all curtains with ones made of Sarah Watts Timber and Leaf Bush Bear in Taupe
2.  Throw pillow for the dining area in Sarah Watts Timber and Leaf Fawn in Birch in Blue
3.  Throw pillow for the dining area in Sarah Watts Timber and Leaf Fox Portrait in Gold
4.  Throw pillow for the dining area in Sarah Watts Timber and Leaf Gerbera in Turquoise 
5.  Throw pillow for the dining area in Sarah Watts Timber and Leaf Playful Fox in Blue
6.  New fabric for seating area cushions in Premier Prints Chipper Cloud/Denton
7.  Possibly paint the fridge in chalkboard paint
8.  New framed map on the wall above the master bed with pushpins for each location we travel to
9.  Awesome felt plush deer
10.  The outdoor rug we got from Titus' parents for Christmas for under the awning
11.  New mirror from Target for the bathroom to replace the less than attractive medicine cabinet
12.  Add a string of lights for along the awning to light up our nights
13.  New vinyl stick flooring to cover the missing chunks of linoleum

I have already received fabrics 1-6 in the mail and am working on sewing cushion covers against all odds.  Painting will have to wait until Minnesota leans a little closer to the sun again since it requires temperatures greater than 40 degrees or something much warmer than it has been here in decades.  I am so ridiculously excited to use this beautiful trailer I could cry.

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