Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Late and Last

On New Years weekend I was so excited to go up North for some hometown Christmasing with my family! My sister, brother-in-law and their two sons would join Titus and me at our mom and dads house for Christmas dinner round two.  I was apparently far too busy eating my prime rib to photograph that moment.

After dinner our three year old nephew Brecken was happy to start opening. presents.  He helped his dad and granny pass out the presents.

After everything was passed out, Brecken and his eleven month old bro, Isaiah, viciously opened all their presents.  The rest of the adults opened their presents in order of age after the kids were finished.  

Jacque and Isaiah loved each other and followed each other everywhere.  Sorry the terrible picture is evidence of how impossible it is to photograph moving dogs and babies.

After all the presents were opened, we began the German tradition of finding the hidden pickle in the tree.  Since Brecken is so young, my mom hid a giant candy cane in the tree for him to find.

Brecken immediately found the giant candy cane after my mom had grossly underestimated his eye sight.

The adults, however, searched for a pickle for an embarrassingly long time.  My dad hung an actual dill pickle on an ornament hanger in the tree.  One person searches for the pickle at a time in order of youngest to oldest.  In the first round everyone gets 30 seconds to look for the pickle.  Everyone gets a minutes in all remaining rounds.  I lost count of the number of rounds we looked.  Thankfully my brother-in-law saved us all when he finally found the pickle after my dad limited the viewing area to about one square foot.

After the pickle was finally found, we took the necessary family photos.  Here's the Brues

And my whole family... My sister, brother-in-law, and their kids, Titus and me, and my mom and dad.

My grandma and Don also spent the day with us, but got out of pictures.

The boys got some stories from their granny before they had to head to bed for the night.

And a little play time with Brecken's new animals

Oh and my mom remembered to put my very favorite Christmas ornament on the tree!  It's from my very first Christmas alive.

We celebrated New Years with the same crowd.  Unfortunately I am not a night person (I go to bed at 9pm on work nights), so it got a little painful near the end, but I made it all the way to midnight... then immediately proceeded to bed.

My sister, mom, Titus, and I played my favorite game, Pictionary.  My sister and I dominated my mom and Titus.

Brecken joined in at the end.

After Pictionary we played some Uno, did a small amount of puzzle assembly, and put in a lot of effort to not fall asleep.

Overall the whole weekend was great.  I loved being able to see my family for a second Christmas celebration.  Family rules, Jesus rules, and luckily for you, I'm totally done talking about it until next Christmas!!

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