Friday, January 4, 2013

Round one

We started the Christmas season off the first weekend of December.  Titus and I joined some of our friends in Minneapolis for the Holidazzle parade followed by a tour of the top floor of Macy's which was filled with lots of fake Christmas.

The next weekend we went to Disney On Ice at the Excel Energy Center!  It was amazing.  Titus is a hero for taking me.

Last year I didn't have any time to bake cookies since I was commissioned to create three different cakes which consumed all of my time.  Therefore, I baked way too many cookies this year to make up for last years cookie depression. These cookies were made using this recipe;  they ended up being fairly tasty.  I would add some meringue powder to the frosting next time to help it to harden slightly for easier storage.

Titus, Jacque, and I celebrated our Christmas the Friday before Christmas since we would be with family the rest of the weekend.  We started it out by going to Crave for some sushi (for me) and a burger (for Titus).  After we had overly stuffed our faces we sped home to open presents.

Grainy iPhone family pic...

Since J is the youngest he got to open first.  He always knows exactly which presents are his even if they are toys that don't even smell like they are his.

And he always opens them all by himself.  I would say opening presents is his second favorite thing (his first is frisbee).  If any piece of wrapping paper is left lying around he will find it and tear it up.  He once opened a single present that was under the tree for my mom's birthday.  I love him.

He got a giant candy cane bone from Pet Smart, which I wouldn't recommend,  He also got a Kong pull toy that he ruined within two days; luckily not before getting a little play time in with pops.

Since I'm next youngest, I got to open next.  I got the most amazing Disney castle for my Disney Village with a tiny Tink on top.  Titus found it on eBay and said he discovered it was only made between 1995 and 1997.

I also got a Kindle Fire which rules.  And a Nintendo.  OMG you guys, I love Nintendo.

Titus got some socks, a couple ties, a shirt, and his beloved Jambox he had been dreaming of for years.

This year Titus and I had the pleasure of hosting his family for Christmas.  We hosted his mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and sister on Christmas Eve for hors d'oeuvres .  On Christmas day we added his aunt, uncle, and two cousins for a standard Christmas dinner.  I'll write another post about our very first experience hosting a holiday.  We also celebrated Christmas with my family on New Years weekend which I will also share.  Then back to the grind with a big kitchen update!

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