Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Summer Home

We bought a new home.  It will pretty much just be our summer home, but it really a dream come true for us.

Isn't she a real beauty.  Titus and I both love our camping, so we decided to upgrade from a tent to a new to us camper!  Now for your tour...

On the right as you walk in the front door, is the dining area. The table folds down into a bed somehow.  Above the table is another folded down loft type bed.  The mattress can be removed and the support folded up into a storage cabinet, as well, which is how we plan to us the area.

There is also a tall closet to the left of the dining area which is pretty much amazing.

To the left of the front door is the kitchen which has a stove, sink, and microwave.  Down the hall from the kitchen is the bathroom on the right and our bedroom at the end.

The kitchen has tons of storage.  Especially compared to the plastic tubs and tent we used to use for camping.

The bathroom is fairly precious.  It is so tiny I couldn't even get a decent picture of it.  It has a hideous medicine cabinet, a mini vanity, a weird toilet that sits directly in front of the vanity, and a mini shower/tub dealio.

The master bedroom is at the back of the trailer.  It has its very own entrance for some reason.  My mom is relieved that we will have a second fire escape.

There is a tall closet and drawers on the back left wall, and the bed is against the back right.  I was pretty happy the bed wasn't centered like most trailers, so there is room for Jacque to sleep next to our bed.  Don't you love those gorgeous etched mirrors above the bed?  And between them is an even weirder square of ugly blue fabric which matches the hideous curtains.

Across from the bed is a wall with some ugly art and the previous owners TV mount.  In the opposite corner is a random mirror and a mini cabinet.  The best thing about the bedroom is that it has a door which could separate us from the potential small loud children of our future.

So there she is in all her glory.  We have big plans to pretty this little lady up which I will share with you in a future post.  I have already begun the changes in preparation for the upcoming camping season.

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