Friday, February 1, 2013

Nobody Puts Sandy in the Corner

You may remember from months ago how I had given our stairs a new set of shoes after sanding and refinishing them.

You may also remember how every corner had refused to relinquish its layer of poly and accept a new color of stain.  Sanding these devils was a real nightmare, and I just wasn't able to sand all the old poly out from the corners no matter how hard I tried.

So I went to my railing's old friend:  Polyshades.  Just as I had used on the railing, I chose to go with the Mission Oak color which was the closest matching color to our trio's new floor.  I simply applied the Polyshades to the corners and any other small areas that weren't properly sanded with a brush.  Only two thin coats were needed.  It was fairly difficult to blend it correctly with the existing multicolor finish, and it didn't love sticking to the left over poly layer, but I fought with it long enough to allow it to dry decently.

It certainly isn't a flawless fix to my sanding failure, but from a distance I don't think it looks completely terrible and is most certainly an improvement on where they started.

And of course here is the legendary before and after:

Re-staining oak stairs is certainly not on my list of favorite renovation activities. If I ever have to restain stairs again, I would definitely use this method for the corners, since all the effort I put into sanding the corners ended up being a an unsuccessful waste of life anyway.

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  1. Ashley, this is a GREAT before and after :) By the way, I nominated you for a Liebster award today: