Friday, February 8, 2013

VDay Moods

Valentine's Day can get a little lame sometimes right?  I came up with some gift ideas for the lady in your life to make things a little more awesome this year.

Valentine's Day

1.  Heart filled Choose Happiness print from Etsy
2.  Unkillable plants from Ikea. Since I start Spring decorating on February 1st, I think some greenery would be perfect.
3.  Believe necklace.  Titus got me this for Christmas one year because of my love for Disney.  It has a mini Tink on it.
4.  A card of course.
5.  Who doesn't want a cashmere sweater?  And pink is totally Vday appropriate.
6.  This the most helpful book I have ever read about relationships.  Read it if you want your life to be more awesome.
7.  A vase for the flowers you should be giving.  This one is particularly Springy since it is hive like.
8.  An amazing beaker mug for all the chemistry you guys have.
9.  Kate Spade Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve bracelet.  Love the pale pink and jewelry is always a wise choice. 
10.  Le Creuset heart shaped casserole dish which you can use it to make a romantic dinner.

Happy early VDay!

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