Monday, September 30, 2013

Closing Time

As you now know we have sold the Brewery.

It all started in March... Titus and I had been looking for jobs up north for a few months.  Living in the cities was great for many things, however, since both of our families lived three or more hours away we were out of town more often than not.  When I was offered a job in my home town we were ready to make the move.

We listed the house for sale at the end of April.  We knew we would need the perfect buyer due to the weird downstairs bedroom.  You guys may not even know that you actually have to go through the downstairs "bedroom" to get to the laundry/utility room.  That room also only has glass doors, so not much privacy.

Miraculously, within six days we got a great offer from the perfect guy.  He wanted to close in one month!  Even though I had to do a few months of training in the cities, the offer was too good to pass up.  We made the excellent choice to move to a studio in downtown St. Paul and accept the offer.

We packed up and left behind all these changes...

In the entryway we...

In the kitchen we...

In the dining room we...
  • Removed the hazardous windows in the dining area that open into the downstairs
  • Created some wall decor in the dining room (first time, and second time)
  • Made new curtains for the sliding glass door

In the living room we...
  • Sanded, Stained, and Painted and the beastly long railing very very slowly.
  • Stained the mantel darker to match the railing.
  • Made an over the mantel mirror and changed up the mantel decor.
  • Got a Craig's list coffee table
  • Painted the hallway doors Swiss Coffee

In the bathroom we...
Didn't do a whole lot after starting this blog... But before the blog started we...
  • Painted the walls
  • Stenciled a pattern wall by hand with a little paint brush
  • Painted the cabinets white
  • Bought a new countertop and sink
  • Installed grouted stick down tiles over the existing linoleum (we love them!)

In the family room downstairs we...
  • Painted the trim Swiss Coffee to match the rest of the house
  • Painted the doors black
  • Painted the walls
  • Made new curtains
  • Hung a frame gallery
  • Bought all new lights

We never talked much about the office downstairs, but along with the family room we...
  • Painted the doors black
  • Installed new lights to replace the track lights and fan.
  • Painted the trim and wardrobes
  • Painted the walls

In the master bedroom we...

In the guest bedroom we...

Well that is it for us in our first home together.  We had a great time and learned so much about home improvement.  I can't say I will miss the place a whole lot because it is associated with some interesting life experiences for me, but I am certainly proud of how it ended up.

We are super happy about the sale and feel so thankful for how perfectly everything went.  It was certainly a lot better than our first home sale experience!

In addition to this post, I updated the house tour page!  Yay!

Next up is a tour of a little place I like to call "The Poison House".

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