Saturday, October 12, 2013

Brue Money Mayweather

Now that The Poison House is no more, I would like to introduce you all to The Money Pit. 

Months ago when Titus and I first purchased The Poison House we started working on the design of what we would be building to replace it.  I spent an embarrassing number of hours working on an ideal layout before we sent our ideas on to our amazing house designer.

We ended on an L-shaped house with a side drive in garage which Titus and I have both always liked the look of.  The side drive garage also works well with the current U-shaped driveway.  Apparently we're really into letter-shaped stuff.

 The back of the house will have a screened in porch that will come off of the dining room.   The deck stairs will actually go down toward the front of the house not toward the lake like this picture shows.  The transom window above the picture window on the left will be a different shape than a rectangle as it is shown.

Onto the inside...

The top of the picture below is the lake side of the house.  The great room, dining area, and kitchen will all be open to one another.  There are two bedrooms on the first floor.  The master will have a small master bath which has a closet on the other end.  We are pretty excited about having a mud room that also has the laundry in it.

The basement will be left unfinished.  The dotted lines represent potential future walls.  Our designer did a rough estimate of what we might want to do down there so the plumbers could do a rough-in of the future plumbing and so we would know where the furnace and other stuff should go.  The potential design also helped decide where our windows should be placed. 

So that is The Money Pit for you... We are pretty excited but also a little scared.  It has been a pretty crazy process getting everything going, but I think we may be on a roll with building now. 

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